Apply Enhance Details in Lightroom to achieve crisp details and better color rendering in raw images and is powered by Adobe Sensei.

Enhance Details is introduced in Lightroom desktop 2.2. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Enhance Details produces crisp detail, improved color rendering, more accurate renditions of edges, and fewer artifacts. Enhance Details is particularly useful for making large prints, where fine details are more visible. This feature applies to raw mosaic files from cameras with Bayer sensors (Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others) and Fujifilm X-Trans sensors.

Minimum system requirements

Your computer must meet the following minimum technical specifications to use Enhance Details:

For GPU system requirements, see Considerations for GPU-accelerated features.


Enhance Details heavily uses the available GPU and can use an external GPU (eGPU) if available.

Use Enhance Details

To apply Enhance Details to your photo, follow these steps:

  1. Click () icon on the left side of the screen to view the My Photos panel, select a supported image in a desired album, and click () to open it in Detail view.

  2. In the menu bar, select Photo > Enhance Details. You can then view the Enhance Details preview dialog box that provides a magnified view of a specific region in the image with the applied enhancement.

  3. In the Enhance Details preview dialog box that appears, you can explore your image and see a preview of the enhanced version. Hold down the hand cursor to view the original image and release it to view the enhancement.

  4. Click Enhance to create an enhanced DNG version of your selected image.


    Lightroom CC stacks the enhanced DNG image with the original file. The enhanced file is named with the suffix 'Enhanced' added to the original filename.

Batch mode

You can use the Enhance Details feature on multiple images. To do this, select multiple supported images and choose Photo > Enhance Details.

You cannot see the Enhance Details preview dialog box when you select multiple images for batch processing.

Supported image formats

Enhance Details is only applicable to Bayer and X-Trans mosaic raw files.

Unsupported file formats

Enhance Details does not apply to the following types of source images:

  • Non-raw files such as a JPEGs, TIFFs, and HEICs
  • Linear DNGs (including HDR and pano DNG images previously created inside Lightroom and Camera Raw)
  • DNG proxies and Smart Previews
  • Monochrome raw files (such as Leica M MONOCHROM)
  • Four-color cameras
  • Foveon sensor images
  • Fujifilm cameras with SR, EXR, or 2x4 mosaic sensors.
  • Canon S-RAW/M-RAW files
  • Nikon small raw files
  • Pentax Pixel Shift Resolution (PSR) files
  • Sony ARQ files
  • Video files