Campaign Solution Maintenance Guide

Outline of Adobe’s Change Management Standard and the procedures that govern Impacting Maintenance affecting Adobe Campaign products and services offered by the Adobe Marketing Cloud.


Change Management is the authoritative process responsible for managing all changes to a new or existing system, software or any system components on production environments. The process is both the enabler of innovation and protector of stability.

It is a risk management process that contains elements of planning, approval, testing, and notification. It includes:

  • Responding to business requirements in alignment with the business strategy.
  • Reducing solution and service delivery defects and rework by focusing on controlling impact assessment, authorization and implementation of all changes to infrastructure, applications and technical solutions. 
  • Minimizing errors due to incomplete request specifications. 
  • Providing transparency and the level of effort required or incurred.
  • Improving solution availability, and increasing likelihood of change success and stability (fewer rollbacks and regressions).
  • Building Adobe’s competency and capacity to be change-ready. 


Except as otherwise noted, this Standard applies to all Adobe personnel including any regular employee, Adobe-paid temporary employee, contingent worker (including agency temporary employees, independent contractors, and vendor employees), and interns of an Adobe group company. 

This Standard applies to all environments that collect, store, process, transmit or dispose of data. There may be requirements in this Standard that apply only to those environments that handle specific classifications of data, as described in the Data Classification and Handling Standard, for which Adobe has unique obligations (for example, cardholder data, electronic protected health information, etc.). If such additional requirements are applicable, they will be called out separately within this document. 

Any environment handling such data must comply with all generally applicable requirements and any additional requirements specified for such data.  Governing Policy Adherence to the governing Policy referenced below is required to be compliant with the Adobe Information Systems Operations Policy.

Adobe's maintenance workflow

Below is a high level overview of Adobe’s Impacting Maintenance workflow. The Impacting Maintenance event is posted on as soon as it is approved by Adobe management. By default, the notifications remain until the scheduled completion..

General notification procedures

Adobe customers can see maintenance notifications and the duration of the maintenance window on Adobe’s website -

The maintenance windows are displayed until the maintenance event is complete. If the maintenance is completed ahead of schedule, then the display will be updated accordingly.

Systems enhancements, preventative maintenance, and reactive issue or bug fixes are prioritized and implemented in two separate ways:

  1. Planned maintenance – Maintenance that is proactively implemented for performing system enhancements or preventative maintenance seeking business benefits such as reducing costs, improving services, or increasing the ease and effectiveness of support.
    These are approved by Adobe management and then displayed on under the product’s ‘Planned’ tab section at least 48 hours ahead of execution time.

  2. Unplanned maintenance – Impacting maintenance is reactive in nature and needed to implement system upgrades or bug-fixes as a means of resolving errors and adapting to changing circumstances or service issues faced by any Adobe product customers.
    These Urgent-priority maintenances are immediately displayed on under the product’s ‘Current’ tab section upon Adobe management approvals, and usually provide little to no advance notice.

Adobe Campaign maintenance

During a Maintenance event, Adobe business and technical services can be impacted at various levels depending on the nature and scope of work being performed. The expected level of impact is documented in Adobe’s internal Change Request systems. Commonly faced issues during impactful maintenance can include:

  • Slowness in performance.
  • Service degradation.
  • Data inaccessibility.
  • Long lasting unavailability.

Customers are encouraged to report issues to Adobe Campaign Customer Care for service disruption or inconvenience caused during maintenance events. 

Before planned maintenance

  1. For maintenance based on customer requests, the affected customers are notified by the Campaign Customer Care team through email notifications based on the request ticket submitted by the customer.
    Customers, who have opted for ‘paid consultancy’, will be also be notified by assigned consultants. Such maintenance events are not posted on

  2. For maintenance based on Adobe-Internal requests, the affected customers are contacted by Campaign’s Customer Care team via email and/or telephone.
    Customers, who have opted for ‘paid consultancy’, may additionally be contacted by assigned consultants. Once approved by the impacted customer and by Adobe management, maintenance notifications are posted 48 hours ahead of time on

Before Unplanned or Emergency maintenance

  1. For emergency maintenance that is based on Adobe customer-reported issues, the impacted customers are notified by the Campaign Customer Care team via email - based on the reported issue ticket (
    Such maintenance is posted on only if the expected customer impact is more than 15 minutes. In those cases, the maintenance is immediately displayed under the ‘Current’ tab section upon Adobe management approvals, and provide no prior notice.

  2. For Emergency maintenance that is based on Adobe-internal requests and are reactive in nature (critical incident, emergency bug-fixes, immediate error resolutions, etc.), customers are contacted by the Campaign Customer Care team via email notification and/ or telephone, only if the anticipated customer impact is more than 15 minutes.
    Such maintenance is posted on only if the expected customer impact is more than 15 minutes. In those cases, the maintenance notification is immediately displayed under the ‘Current’ tab section upon Adobe management approvals, and provide no prior notice.

Prolonged maintenance

If, under any circumstances, the maintenance work extends beyond the scheduled time period displayed on, a customer should contact Campaign Customer Care to report service disruptions, or any inconvenience caused by the maintenance. 


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