What's new in Photoshop Elements 14

Shake reduction

Eliminate blur!

Ensure that your blurry photos appear shake-free with the new Auto Shake Reduction feature (Expert mode > Enhance menu > Auto Shake Reduction) in Photoshop Elements 14. Fix selfies, pictures shot while you were on the move, and more, and ensure that each element of your photo is sharply in focus.

Need additional shake reduction improvements on the photo? Go manual (Expert mode > Enhance menu > Shake Reduction)! Select more areas on the photo to correct, and adjust the sensitivity slider to get the best picture possible.  

Camera shake can cause unacceptable blur

Shake reduction eliminates blur!

For more information, see the section on Shake Reduction.

Haze removal

Clearer backgrounds in your landscape pictures!

Cut through the haze and fog in your pictures with the Haze Removal feature in Photoshop Elements 14. Take landscape pictures without having to worry about the haze on even a clear day - just select the photo and process it with the Auto Haze Removal feature (Expert mode > Enhance menu > Auto Haze Removal).

For additional enhancements, including varying levels of sensitivity to haze, try it manually (Expert mode > Enhance menu > Haze Removal).

A foggy winter morning at Deeg Palace, Rajasthan.

Fog, smog, smoke, or haze - cut through it with Haze Removal.

For more information on the feature, see the topic Automatically remove haze.

Auto smart looks

Five new suggestions for an even cooler-looking picture!

Let Photoshop Elements analyze your photograph and automatically suggest five awesome new effects that can be applied. Photoshop Elements inspects the color and lighting and then recommends five variations.

Original photo






For more information on the feature, see the topic on Effects.

Straighten tool

In Quick mode, straighten any photo by drawing a line along an edge that should be horizontal or vertical. The Straighten tool (P) in Photoshop Elements 14 enables you to quickly align photos along the right axis.

For more information, see the topic on Straightening images.

Refine selection brush

Need to make an ultra-fine selection? The existing tools in Photoshop Elements help make fine selections, but some situations require further precise and accurate selections. For example, you might be trying to select fine strands of hair in a portrait or grass in landscaped scenery.

The enhanced Refine Selection Brush tool now has additional controls to enable you to make very fine selections. With options to vary the sensitivity of the brush, you can make extremely detailed selections.

Isolating a lion's mane for display against a solid white surface can be daunting task.

The enhanced Refine Selection brush helps mark even the finest of details for extraction.

For more information on how to make extremely minute selections, see the topic Editing and refining selections.  

Guided edits

Visually re-imagined for you!

Selecting which Guided edit to use is now easier with the new interface. In Guided mode, you can now choose the type of transformation you want to apply to your photograph - Basics, Color, Black & White, Fun Edits, Special Edits, or Photomerge. Choose one of the types of edits and view a graphical listing of all the Guided Edits available in that category.

The new Guided interface, displaying the available Guided Edits under the category Fun Edits.

Each category of Guided mode is now available on a separate page:

Speed effect

Zoom in or out in style!

Does your photo capture just one moment of an action sequence? Now add a sense of motion to your photograph with the Speed Effect Guided Edit. With the step-by-step workflow, specify the areas of an image that must portray the illusion of speed or motion, and watch how your static photo starts looking dynamic.

Original photo

With Speed Effect Guided Edit applied

For more information on the Speed Effect Guided Edit, see the topic Guided mode - Fun edits..


Change the size of your photo in quick, easy steps.

Get images that are of exact dimensions in quick, easy steps. Photoshop Elements 14 simplifies the task of creating a picture of a size in terms of print dimensions (inches, centimeters), web dimensions (pixels) or storage requirements (kilobytes). In step-by-step Guided Edit, resizing your photo to meet specific requirements is not an easy task.

Start by choosing where you want to use the photo—on the Internet or in a printed form.

For more information on the Resize Guided Edit, see the topic Guided mode - Basic edits..


Now in a step-by-step workflow. Stitch away!

The process to stitch multiple photos together to create a panorama is now simplified - introducing the new Photomerge Panorama Guided Edit. Creating a panorama now requires you to just perform a series of actions in a step-by-step workflow - and you get a panorama ready to share or print at the end.  

For more information on the Panorama Guided Edit, see the topic Photomerge Panorama Guided Edit..

Using edited results

Done with a Guided Edit? What's next?

At the end of a Guided Edit, your artwork is ready for use. In Photoshop Elements 14, an additional last step allows you to choose what you would like to do next with your work. Choose between saving the file, continuing to edit it in a different mode, or sharing it online.

Some Guided Edits may provide you with the additional option to print your work.

Choose what you want to do with your photo after you process it through a Guided Edit.

For more information, see Share Panel.

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