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Adobe Premiere Elements® 12.0 for Windows® and Mac® OS

This document contains information to get you started with Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0. It also includes last-minute product information and updates.

Installation Notes

System Requirements

For a full list of system requirements, visit

Supported file formats

AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc (export only), DV-AVI (import/export on Windows, import only on Mac OS), DVD, Dolby® Digital Stereo, H.264, HDV, MPEG-1 (import only), MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, QuickTime, Windows Media (Windows only), and many more. Import/export of some formats may require activation via an Internet connection.

Supported video devices

Adobe Premiere Elements can capture or import video from the following devices. You can find an updated list of tested devices online.

  • DV Camcorders, including mini DV camcorders. Adobe recommends that you connect DV devices using FireWire/1394.
  • AVCHD Camcorders
  • HDV Camcorders
  • DVD Camcorders
  • JVC Everio and Everio G Camcorders
  • Flip and similar memory-based camcorders
  • Mobile Phones: To enable Adobe Premiere Elements to read content on your mobile phones in the .3GP, .3GP2 and .MPEG4 video file formats, you must have QuickTime 6.5 or later installed on your computer. For Nokia phones, install the software provided with your phone.
  • Digital still cameras
  • Webcams
  • WDM cameras

Additional Resources and Training

Compatibility with other versions of Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Premiere Pro

  • You can have previous versions of Adobe Premiere Elements installed on your computer. However, do not run them simultaneously.
  • You can open projects from previous versions of Adobe Premiere Elements in Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0. However, after you save the projects in Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0, you cannot edit them in previous versions of Adobe Premiere Elements. Mac version of Adobe Premiere Elements does not support Windows projects and vice versa.
  • You cannot import Adobe Premiere Elements 12.0 projects into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 or CS 5.5.

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