Change the permission level of a library template

A library template is a reusable document. The creator of the template can edit the fields, permissions, and name value of the template.

The permission level of the template determines what other users in your account can access and use this template.


Only the user that created the template can edit that template.

  1. To edit a Template, click the Manage tab. Scroll down to the Library Template section, then click the edit link next to the template you want to modify.

  2. Adjust any of the fields in the drag-and-drop editing screen, including the Permission level or the Name value for the template.

    To change the Permission of the library template, click Template Properties on the right rial of the authoring environemnt.

  3. You can then adjust the Permission level for this template to any of the following:

    • Only to me: You are the only user who can view and send this template.
    • Any user in my group: Any users in the same Group as you can use this template.
    • Any user in my organization: All users in your entire account can use this template.

    Click Save.

    Permission who

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