Change your email address

All Adobe Sign User IDs are associated with an email address. You can change the email address that is associated with your Adobe Sign User ID. However, the system only allows an email address to be associated with a single User ID at any given time.

If you change your email address, your documents and shares persist.

Quick steps

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click your Name value that appears in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select My Profile.
  4. Enter your new email address in the Change and Confirm email Address fields.
  5. Click the Update button.


  1. Log in to your account and click your name in the upper-right corner. Choose My Profile from the pop-up menu.

  2. Click the Change Email Address link. 

  3. Change the email address in the Email Address and Confirm Email Address fields, ensuring that they are the same. Then, click Save.

  4. You are taken to a page, confirming that your email address has been changed and a verification email has been sent.

    If you receive an error, check the next section for a solution.

  5. Check the inbox of the email address you changed your account to and click the link provided in the message.

Common errors

  1. This error means the email address you're trying to use is already associated with a different User ID.

    Don't worry, it happens often. If someone sent something through Adobe Sign to that email address, our system holds that email address just in case you want to use it.

    Whether it was intentional or not, the email address you want to use is now in our system. To use this email, it's necessary to access this User ID so you can free up that email address.

    In this example, I currently have the email address, but I want to use When I try to change my email address to, I get the error message above.

    First, I try to log in to the account which uses the email I would like to free up. When I try to log in, I get this message:

  2. The error message is a little misleading, as generally the account is not locked. It needs to be registered or the password is incorrect. Now, I'm going to register so I can access the User ID.

  3. Once I get the verification email at, I can log in and click my name, then My Profile in the upper-right corner. This screen is where I can free up my email address.

  4. To free this email address, I add a .arc to the end of the current email address I'm using. You can add anything you'd like, but we prefer to add .arc to signify the email address is archived.

    Effectively, I'm changing to, making it a nonexistent email address and freeing up

    Then, I click the Update button.


    Adding the .arc to the end of the email address makes that email address unusable since the resulting email is not a real address.

  5. I am taken to a page that notifies me a verification email has been sent to But, I don't need to worry about that since it isn't a real email address.

    Now I'm going to logout of the account I'm in and login to the User ID I want to change the email address for (

    Once I'm logged in, I click my name and My Profile. Again, I'm taken to the page where I can change my email address and I enter into both fields and click Update.

    Now my User ID has associated with it and all is well.

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