The "Modify Agreements In-flight" feature is available with the enterprise service level only, and supports the process of updating a document after it has been sent, but before a recipient has committed changes to it.

Modifying Agreements that are already sent

If an agreement was sent out for signature and you realize that you need to make some modifications to the agreement after it was sent, you may be able to modify the agreement, instead of canceling it and starting over. The modify agreement setting may be enabled globally (at an account level) or on a per group basis.

You can use modify agreements to add, delete, replace (delete then add), and reorder documents and/or form fields.

The modify agreements feature can only be used on documents created after April 2016, and that meet the “modifiable” criteria. If a document is modifiable, a Modify Agreement link displays on the Manage page when the document is selected. A modifiable agreement is one that meets the following criteria:

  • The agreement has not been signed, approved, or delegated to a signer or approver by the delegator to whom it was assigned.
  • The agreement does not include a digital signature or written signature.
  • The agreement has not been initiated from a custom workflow.
  1. Click the Manage link to go to the Manage page

  2. Select a modifiable agreement from the Out for Signature or Out for Approval section, then click Modify Agreement in the upper-right corner.

    Image of the Manage page with a selected agreement

    The Send page displays in limited editing mode and you cannot make changes in the Recipients or Message sections.

  3. On the Send page, you can add, delete, replace (delete then add), and reorder documents.  

    View of the limited Send page
  4. Depending on your Send settings, you may be able to use the Preview & Add Signature Fields option to add form fields to the modified agreement.

    • If you do not need to add form fields or do not have the Preview & Add Signature Fields option, then click Update to save your changes.
    • If you need to add form fields, enable the Preview & Add Signature Fields option if necessary, then click Update to open the authoring environment. When done in the authoring environment, click Update.

Recipient Interaction with Modified Agreements

The recipient of a modified agreement is notified that the agreement has changed before they can sign, approve, or delegate it. 

Image of the error message when the sender has modified the agreement

The recipient can click OK to continue. The signing, approving, or delegating process proceeds as usual.


However, if the agreement has just been modified while the recipient is on the Adobe Sign page, the recipient is informed and must click OK to continue.

Image of the error message when an agreement has already been signed

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