Workday Trial Installation

Workday Installation guide for a Trial account in Adobe Sign


This document provides Workday customers with the required steps for activating a trial account with Adobe Sign and then integrating it into your Workday tenant. The document is an installation guide and not intended to be a comprehensive training manual for Workday.

If you have an existing Adobe Sign account, there is no need to start a trial. Contact your Client Success Manager to request Workday integration.

To use Adobe Sign within Workday you must possess or develop an understanding of how to create and modify Workday items such as: Business Process Framework, Tenant Set-up and configuration, Reporting and Workday Studio Integration.

The high-level steps to complete integration are:

  • Activate your trial account with Adobe Sign
  • Generate an Integration Key in Adobe Sign
  • Install the Integration Key into the Workday Tenant

Activating Your Adobe Sign Trial Account

To request a 30-day trial of Adobe Sign, fill in the form here:



Note: It is highly recommended that the email address you use to create the trial be a functional email address (e.g. HRAdmin@MyDomain.dom), and not a personal one. You need to access this email box to verify the account, so the address must to be valid.

The Trial request form

Within one business day, an Adobe Sign on-boarding specialist will provision your account (in Adobe Sign) for Workday. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email:

The Welcome email from Adobe Sign

Following the directions in the email initializes your account and takes you into your Adobe Sign Home page.

The Adobe Sign Dashboard

Generate an Integration Key

New installations require that an integration key be generated in Adobe Sign and then entered into Workday. This key authenticates the Adobe Sign and Workday environments to trust each other and share content. 

To generate an Integration Key in Adobe Sign:

  • Log in to your administrator in Adobe Sign
  • Navigate to Account > Personal Preferences > Access Tokens
  • Click the circled plus icon on the right side of the window
Image of the navigation to the Access Tokens page

The Create Integration Key interface loads:

  • Provide an intuitive name for your key (e.g. Workday)

The Integration Key must have the following elements enabled:

  • agreement_read
  • agreement_write
  • agreement_send
  • widget_read
  • library_read
The Create Integration Key panel

  • Click Save



The Access Tokens page is exposed showing the keys designed in your account.

  • Click the key definition created for Workday
    • The Integration Key link is exposed at the top of the definition
  • Click the Integration Key link
The Integration Key Link

The Integration key is exposed.

  • Copy this key and save in a secure place for the next step
  • Click OK
The Integration Key panel

Configuring the Workday Tenant

Install the Integration Key

Installing the Integration Key into the Workday tenant establishes the trust relationship with Adobe Sign. Once that relationship is in place, any Business Process can have a Review Document step added that enables the signature process.


Note: Adobe Sign is branded as “Adobe Document Cloud” throughout the Workday environment.


To install the Integration Key:

  • Log in to Workday as an account administrator
  • Search for Edit Tenant Setup - Business Processes


The Edit Tenant Setup - Business Processes page loads. 

There are four fields that pertain to the Adobe Sign integration:

Adobe Document Cloud Acknowledgment – A fixed text acknowledgment of the integration.

Adobe Document Cloud API Key – Where the Integration Key is installed

Adobe Document Cloud Sender Email Address – The email address of the group level administrator in Adobe Sign

Remove documents awaiting eSignature when Document is Canceled – An optional configuration that removes documents from the signature cycle if a document is canceled in Workday.

The fields for the Adobe Sign Integration Key

Complete the installation:

  • Paste your Integration key into the Adobe Sign API Integration Key field
  • Enter the email address of the Adobe Sign administrator into the Adobe Document Cloud Sender Email Address field
  • Click OK
The Integration Key fields and the key holder email field

Adobe Sign functionality can now be added to any Business Process by adding a Review Document step and configuring it to use “eSign by Adobe” as the eSignature type.

Configure the Review Document step

The document for the Review Document step can be a static document; a document generated by a Generate Document step within the same business process; or, a formatted report created with the Workday Report Designer. All of these cases can be augmented with Adobe Text Tags to control the look and position of the Adobe Signing specific components. The document source must be specified within the business process definition. It is not possible to upload an ad-hoc document while the business process is executing.

Unique to using Adobe Sign with a Review Document step is the ability to have serialized Signer Groups. This allows you to specify role-based groups that sign in sequence. Parallel signing groups are not supported.

For assistance configuring the Review Document step, refer to the Quick Start guide.


Workday Support

Workday is the integration owner, and should be your first point of contact for questions about the scope of the integration, feature requests, or problems in day to day function of the integration.

The workday community has several good articles on how to troubleshoot the integration and generate documents:


Adobe Sign Support

Adobe Sign is the integration partner, and should be contacted if the integration is failing to obtain signatures, or if notification of pending signatures fails.

Adobe Sign Customers should contact their Customer Success Manager (CSM) for support. Alternatively, Adobe Technical Support can be reached by phone: 1-866-318-4100, wait for product list then enter: 4 and then 2 (as prompted).

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