On July 12 2016, Mobile Link will be discontinued in Acrobat and Reader. The feature will be removed from the user interface in the July 2016 update.

Read the FAQs below for more information. If you have additional questions, feel free to post in the community forum.


Where are my files now that Mobile Link is turned off?

Links to your files are still available in the Recent Files list. Also, you can sign in to Adobe Document Cloud to see your uploaded files.

What will happen to my documents?

After Mobile Link is retired, files you view in Acrobat or Reader will no longer automatically upload to Adobe Document Cloud. However, your recent files will still be available, and you can still access them from your Recent Files list. PDFs you have stored in Document Cloud or other online storage partner sites will still be available, and you can access them from Acrobat or Reader.

Can I still access files I have stored in Adobe Document Cloud?

Yes. Mobile Link will no longer automatically upload files you open in Acrobat or Reader, but you can still easily save and store files in Document Cloud. And you can access all your Document Cloud files on any device when you’re signed in to Acrobat or Reader.

What can I do to make files available on my mobile device?

You can use the Save to Document Cloud functionality in Acrobat or Reader to save any file to Document Cloud to make it available across devices. Files you save to Document Cloud this way will be shown in the Recent Files list in Acrobat or Reader across all signed-in devices.

What will happen to the files in my Recent Files list on July 12, 2016?

The files in your Recent Files list will remain unchanged on July 12, 2016. PDFs that you have not viewed for 60 days are not considered recent, and will continue to expire from your Recent Files list.

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