Configure PDF to SWF conversion

Know how to configure the PDF to SWF conversion of the PDF files uploaded to Adobe Connect.

About PDF conversion

You can use the Share pod in an Adobe Connect meeting room to share PDF documents. Hosts and presenters can synchronize the navigation for all attendees and use the whiteboard overlay to collaborate. You can load PDF documents into the Share pod from the desktop or from the Adobe Connect content library. Sharing documents in the Share pod offers the following advantages over screen sharing:

  • Hosts and presenters can preload and organize documents in the meeting room.

  • Higher quality viewing experience for all attendees.

  • Lower bandwidth requirement for participants and presenters.

  • Easier for multiple presenters to work together.

  • Easier to collaborate using the whiteboard.

When the PDF documents are shared in a Share pod, Adobe Connect converts them to Flash format. Adobe Connect Server offers configuration parameters to control the PDF conversion.

Configure PDF to SWF conversion

  1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) package. Install 32-bit version of the package, even if you have a 64-bit operating system.

  2. Open the RootInstallationFolder\custom.ini file in a text editor.

  3. Edit any of the following configuration parameters:


    Default Value




    A Boolean value specifying whether PDF to SWF conversion is enabled or not for the server. Set this parameter to false to disable conversion due to performance concerns.



    The timeout value per page, in seconds.



    The lowest value of the range of ports used for PDF to SWF conversions.



    The highest value of the range of ports used for PDF to SWF conversions.



    The maximum number of concurrent PDF to SWF conversions that can take place on an application server. If an application server receives more requests, the requests are queued.



    The maximum number of PDF to SWF conversions that can wait in a queue at one time. If an application server receives more requests, a user sees the message “Adobe Connect could not convert the file for viewing, retry after some time.” An administrator sees the following in the logs: <status code="request-retry"><exception>java.lang.Exception: Conversion Load too much on server.



    The maximum number of pages that are allowed to timeout before the conversion is stopped.

  4. Restart Adobe Connect Central Application Server. See Start and stop Adobe Connect.


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