Adobe Connect Host is *Unable to Modify* Screen Share Quality Settings from Meeting Room Preferences


Host is unable to Modify Screen Share Quality Settings from Meeting room Preferences. 
When does the issue occur?

  1. Log in to a meeting with host privileges.

  2. Click Meeting tab and click Preferences.

  3. Click Screen Share.

  4. Unable to use the slider for Quality under Screen Share Settings. Slider is grayed out with message "This Setting has been locked by your Administrator".


  • Adobe Connect Hosted
  • Adobe Connect On-Premise
  • Adobe Connect Version: 9.5 and higher


Adobe Connect Account Administrator locks the setting so that hosts cannot make changes to it from the meeting room.


Steps to unblock the setting:

  1. Log in to Adobe Connect Central as an Administrator.

  2. Click Administration tab.

  3. Click Compliance and Control.

  4. Click Share Settings.

  5. Under Room Bandwidth Settings, un-check the option "Prevent the meeting hosts from changing this setting from meeting preferences. (This will override any modified settings in existing meetings)".

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