Guidelines for sharing PPTX files

Best practices and cautions when sharing Microsoft Powerpoint presentation files in an Adobe Connect meeting room.

You can upload PPT/PPTX files directly into a Share Pod in an Adobe Connect meeting room, using either the Adobe Connect application or your browser.  You can also upload files to the Adobe Connect content library using your browser.

When uploading directly to an Adobe Connect meeting room, you have two options: 

  1. From an empty Share pod, click the Document button to open the document selection window and click the Browse my computer button. Navigate to your file and select it, then click Open.
  2. Simply drag and drop your PPT/PPTX file into an empty Share pod. 

When uploading content to the Adobe Connect content library select the Content tab, click the New Content button, and use the form to add your files to your library. 

Features supported in uploaded PPT/PPTX files:

PowerPoint Feature

Adobe Connect Display Result



Stacked Text (Text Direction)


Smart Art




Text Effects (Gradient/Picture/Texture Fill, Shadows, 3D, Bevel, Glow, Transforms, Outlines)

Preserved (text color animations, bullet animations, and 3D effects not supported)

Effects on Shapes/Images (Shadows, Reflection, 3D, Bevel, Soft Edges, Glow, Outline)

Preserved (animations supported except the slide entry animations)

PowerPoint 2007 Fonts (Cambria, Calibri, Candara, and so on)

Fonts supported

Custom Fonts

Fonts substituted

PowerPoint presentation best practices

  • After uploading, navigate through each slide to confirm fonts, graphics, and animations are displaying as expected.
  • Open the sidebar by clicking on the Show Sidebar icon then click on Outline to view your slide titles. Click on any slide title to jump to that slide.
  • Show Sidebar to view your PowerPoint notes or search for a word on a slide.
  • Show Presentation Playbar to control playback of animations, audio, and video.
  • If your slides do not convert as expected, click Stop Sharing and switch to screen sharing your slides.

Caution when using these PowerPoint features in Adobe Connect

  • The slide outline may not list all slide titles correctly.
  • Animations are skipped if a host or presenter clicks on the next slide button before completed.
  • Multilingual content on slides may not display correctly.
  • Clicking on the Play button in the Playbar will only play to the end of the current slide.
  • Hyperlinks on grouped objects are not preserved.
  • Inserted GIF files will appear static and will not animate in the slide.
  • Color-based animations are not supported.


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