Audio and video are out of sync in a recording

My recording audio and video are out-of-sync

If you have the mp3 audio file for the recording, download the Recording Repair app to help you sync the audio and video.

If the recording isn't fixed after using the Recording Repair app, contact Adobe with the following information, so we can investigate the issue and attempt to repair the file:

  • URL of the recording
  • Meeting Room from which it was created
  • Did you have any issues during the live session?
  • Has the recording been edited?
  • What was the audio mechanism used: VoIP, UV, Telephony?
  • Are there any specific timestamps where the audio/video is noticeably not in sync, or is the sync incorrect for the entire duration?
  • Temporary test login credentials, if they are required to repair the recording

Note:  Repairing a recording repair can take a long time depending upon the complexity of issue. In some cases, recordings can't be repaired.


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