Troubleshooting - How do I pass my URL parameter into a Data Element? (Passing Values into Elements> URL Parameter)

When trying to pass a URL parameter into your data element you may face difficulties around scenarios such as:

  • Overwriting Data Element each time a URL is passed
  • URL parameter not being read into the element 

When creating a data element for passing a URL into it, first select the type of Data element as ‘URL parameter’.

Overwriting the data element can cause discrepancies since values may persist beyond a page. In order to address this, set the persistence of the data element to ‘page view’.

This makes sure that the value of the data element persists only for a single page and is updated for each page view.

If your URL parameter is not being read into the relevant data element, first, try to troubleshoot the setup of the data element specifically the type of the data element.

If you’re using _satellite.getVar() to populate the data element, you may be unable to use the method to receive the value is because the data element does not exist until it is called by a rule or tool.

This means, you would need to call the data element in a rule. This is typically done with a page load rule like you have done with many other data elements in your Global page load rule.


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