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Create tie-dye wash effects

Learn how to create digital tie-dye wash effects for fabric designs using Fresco's Live brushes.

With Fresco’s unique watercolor abilities and Live brushes, you can combine vibrant images to create tie-dye wash effects in Fresco and apply them on a sample design in Photoshop.

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Tie-dye wash effects on fabric

To get started on this creative design journey, all you need is:

  • Fresco to create tie-dye designs and some vibrant images to experiment with.
  • Photoshop to apply these designs on a sample image.

Create and export tie-dye wash effects

  1. In Fresco, import the image you want to use for creating tie-dye designs.

    Import images

  2. Tap  on the task bar to access the Merge down option and use it to merge the layers of the imported image. This option automatically converts the layers to pixel layers. 

    Merge layers

  3. From the available Live brushes, choose Watercolor Wet Spatter and set the following options:

    Using Live brushes on an image

  4. Use watercolor live brush to paint over the image.  Your design is now ready in Fresco!

    Go ahead and share it with others!

  5. To open this design in other CC apps for further use, export it to Creative Cloud. 

Apply tie-dye wash effects on images in Photoshop

  1. Open the sample file provided below in Photoshop to apply the tie-dye design created in Fresco.

  2. In the Layers panel of Photoshop, double-click the smart object thumbnail, PLACE YOUR ARTWORK HERE. This opens the new Smart Object Layers window.

  3. Now, drag-and-drop your tie-dye artwork onto the layer and save the changes. Your Photoshop sample file is automatically updated with the tie-dye design and ready for use.

    Apply tie-dye wash effects on a sample image in Photoshop

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