Feature summary | Illustrator on desktop (February 2021 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the February 2021 release of Illustrator on desktop (version 25.2).

Invite to edit

Share access and edit cloud documents

Invite your team members to seamlessly collaborate and edit your cloud documents. Cloud documents shared with you can be accessed directly in Illustrator.

Snap to glyph

Snap to Japanese glyph

Use the new Japanese-specific snapping guides to snap your artwork components precisely with the Japanese glyph.

System compatibility report

System compatibility report on launch

A System Compatibility Report dialog is displayed on launching Illustrator to notify you about system incompatibilities.

Stability and performance

Stability and performance

Experience better product stability and performance as we fixed many issues in this release that you reported to us. 

Share access and edit Illustrator cloud documents

Illustrator now lets you collaborate seamlessly with your team members through the new Invite to Edit option. Use this option to send email invitations to people with whom you want to collaborate. Your collaborators can access the shared cloud documents directly from the Illustrator app, Creative Cloud Desktop, and Creative Cloud Website. You can either use Illustrator on the desktop or the iPad to send invitations. Similarly, collaborator can use any device to edit the shared documents.

invite to edit

Snap to Japanese glyph

The Snap to glyph feature has been enhanced to support Japanese glyphs and fonts as well. To enable this feature for Japanese, go to Preferences > Type > Language Options and select the Show East Asian Options check box. Two new Japanese-specific snapping guides–Embox and Embox Center–will be available along with the existing snapping guides.

Snap to glyph

For more details, see Snap to Japanese glyph.

System compatibility report on app launch

You will now receive a system compatibility report dialog on launching the Illustrator app if your GPU drivers are outdated. Follow the fix link in this report to quickly update the drivers. To export this report in a text file, click Export Report. To view this dialog again, choose Help > System Compatibility Report.

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