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Adobe Premiere Rush | Common questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on download, install, setup, and upgrade of Premiere Rush on Mac, Windows, and iOS.


Adobe Premiere Rush is the first all-in-one, cross-device app for creating and sharing online videos – fast. Edit, fix color, adjust audio, add titles, and more with easy-to-use tools, customizable Motion Graphics templates, and integration with Adobe Stock. And share your videos to your favorite social channels right from the app.

  • Easy editing: With an intuitive interface and creative flexibility as you progress, Rush makes editing easy.
  • Simple timeline: Arrange scenes with click drag-and-drop ease, access four video tracks, and three audio tracks without gaps in the timeline.
  • Customizable titles: Easily add and customize built-in, professionally designed Motion Graphics templates. Hundreds more are available on Adobe Stock.
  • Add audio: Choose from 1000s of music tracks and sound effects in the built-in library of royalty-free audio, or record your own voiceover directly in-app. Tools like sound balancing, noise reduction, and auto-ducking let you fine-tune your audio to make your videos sound great.
  • One-click share to social: Add a thumbnail, schedule your post, and publish to multiple social platforms in one click, without leaving Premiere Rush.
  • Available cross-device: Edit on your phone, tablet, or desktop, then sync to the cloud so you always have access to your latest version.

You can learn more about Premiere Rush on these web pages:

Premiere Rush is available on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

1. macOS or Windows

The easiest way to install Premiere Rush is through the Creative Cloud desktop app – simply choose Install from the Apps tab. You can also download Premiere Rush from the product page.

If you are a Creative Cloud for teams or Creative Cloud for enterprise member and you don't have access to the Creative Cloud desktop app, contact your IT Administrator to obtain access to Premiere Rush through the Creative Cloud Packager.

2. iOS

Download Premiere Rush on the App Store, Google Play, or Galaxy Store for free.

Creating videos in Premiere Rush is quick and easy. 

  • iOS or Android: From the projects screen, open settings (the gear icon). Then tap Preferences and select Start tour again.
  • Desktop: From the Projects screen, click Create New Project, follow the prompts to access your camera or files, and start creating your video. You can also check out a series of step-by-step Get Started tutorials here.

See the System requirements for more information.

Visit our Learn & Support page for help and tutorials.

You can also connect with other creators using Premiere Rush on our support forums to share your experiences and get answers to questions.

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Adobe CC services are currently not supported in Premiere Rush in China. As a result, Premiere Rush will not be available in this region.

Premiere Rush projects can be opened natively in Premiere Pro for continued editing. To open a Rush project in Premiere Pro, select Open Rush Project from the Start screen in Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro projects cannot be opened in Premiere Rush.

For more information, see Open Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro.

Premiere Rush Free & Paid Plans

Premiere Rush is available for free as part of a Starter plan and there are also paid plans available. Visit the compare plans page to see the different paid plan options.

This free plan is available to anyone with a free Creative Cloud membership. It includes access to simple yet powerful video tools in Premiere Rush on mobile and desktop, including unlimited free exports, a built-in library of royalty-free audio, fully customizable animated titles, and 2 GB of Cloud Storage. Start Premiere Rush for free here

For more information on upgrading Premiere Rush, see Upgrade from the Starter plan to the paid plan

Premiere Rush is included in the following plans:

  • Premiere Rush Mobile membership includes access to all premium features and content in Premiere Rush mobile, unlimited exports on mobile devices, 100 GB of cloud storage to sync projects across mobile devices and work anywhere, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Portfolio.
  • Adobe Express membership includes Adobe Express plus Premiere Rush with access to all premium features and content, unlimited exports on mobile and desktop, 100 GB of cloud storage to sync projects across devices and work anywhere, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio, and All Firefly-powered workflows and access to the Firefly web app.
  • Premiere Pro membership includes Premiere Pro, Adobe Express, and Premiere Rush with access to all premium features and content, unlimited exports on any device, 100 GB of cloud storage to sync projects and work anywhere, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Portfolio.
  • Creative Cloud All Apps membership includes all of the creative applications (Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Express, plus After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more) required to create professional videos and images, plus 100 GB of cloud storage, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio, and All Firefly-powered workflows and access to the Firefly web app.

Yes, Premiere Rush is included in the Premiere Pro Single App plan.

Premiere Rush is available as part of Creative Cloud All Apps in the Student, Creative Cloud Team, and Enterprise plans.

For information about cancelling your Premiere Rush subsctiption, see:

Technical questions

When you create a synced project in Premiere Rush, a copy or proxy of the media is uploaded to Creative Cloud automatically. Your other devices can then access that media in Creative Cloud, which seamlessly allows you to continue editing the project. Project sync is a premium feature that is available with any paid membership that includes Premiere Rush.

Creating a synced project in Premiere Rush
Creating a synced project in Premiere Rush

The amount of cloud storage depends on your Creative Cloud membership. You can check on your available storage space on both iOS and desktop:

  • Mobile: From the projects screen, open settings (the gear icon). Then tap on your name.
  • Desktop: Open the Creative Cloud desktop app and click the three dots next to your avatar in the upper right corner.

For more information about upgrading your storage, see Adobe Premiere Rush file storage requirements and upgrades.

You can optimize storage space by changing the sync settings of any projects you no longer want to edit across devices or by deleting them. In Your Projects (home button), select the three dots underneath a project’s thumbnail to either turn off sync or delete it. Either of these options remove any media associated with that project from Creative Cloud and reduce the amount of storage you are using.


Turning off sync prevents you from working across devices, and deleting a project is permanent, irreversible, and prevents you from accessing it again.

To turn off cloud sync when you are first creating a project, deselect Sync with Creative Cloud on the Project Creation screen.

Creating a synced project
Creating a synced project

To turn off sync for an already created project, you can do so from the three dots underneath the project thumbnail in Your Projects (home button).

Project Options
Project Options

Account deletion is permanent and irreversible. Before you close your account, make sure that you have downloaded all your synced videos and assets stored in the cloud and exported and saved any completed videos from Rush.

If your storage space is exceeded, you can still use Rush and create projects. However, new projects and any media you add to new or existing projects do not sync to Creative Cloud. So, any devices other than the one where the clips are created/located cannot be used. Any media that you add before running out of storage space is available for you across devices (unless the project was deleted or project syncing was turned off).

The soundtracks provided in Premiere Rush can be used freely for personal or commercial use. See the Adobe Terms below. 

Your use of the soundtracks is covered in section 2.5 of the Adobe Terms of Use ( You can include the soundtracks as part of a Premiere Rush project for your clients, but you cannot distribute (or make them available) on a stand-alone basis


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