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Embedding videos and web objects

Embed web object

You can use this feature to embed content from the web into your module.

When you embed a web object, you are dynamically including content from a website at run time, without having to “physically” embed that content in your project. The content could virtually be anything - a whole web page, a widget, a video, a game, or just plain text.

Add a web object to your project

To add a web object to your project:

  1. Click the Adobe Presenter ribbon from within your PowerPoint presentation, and click Web Object.

  2. Enter the url of the webpage or the embed code of the web content you want to embed (if provided).


    Until you click Preview, the OK button in the dialog box is not enabled.

    Embedding a web object

  3. Check Auto Load if you want the web object to start playing as soon as the slide is loaded. Uncheck this option if you want the user to click Play to manually start playing the content.

  4. Check Scrolling if you want the user to be able to scroll down the web object content.

  5. Click OK to embed the web object into your e-learning course. You can drag the points of the web object to increase or decrease its size. 


    You can embed only one web object per slide.


Not all websites may work, because some of them may not support rendering their content on an
iframe. Only websites that support content to be loaded in external iframes can be embedded.

Remove a web object from your project

To remove a web object from your project, select the web object inserted on the slide and press Delete on your keyboard.

Embed YouTube videos

You can embed video content from YouTube into your project.

While you can use the Web Object feature to embed online videos (subject to websites supporting such embeds), the YouTube feature goes a bit further allowing you to control/customize the play

  1. Click the Adobe Presenter ribbon from within your PowerPoint presentation, and click YouTube.

  2. Enter the URL of the YouTube video that you want to embed and click Preview to preview the video within the dialog box.


    Until you click Preview, the OK button in the dialog box is not enabled.

    Embedding a YouTube video

  3. You can embed an entire YouTube video or only a part of it.

    To embed only a section: 

    1. Play the video within the Insert YouTube dialog box.
    2. Click Start Time at the point where you want the video to start.
    3. Click Stop Time at the point where you want the video to stop. 
    4. Click Reset Time if you want to reset the start and stop times.
    Only that section of the video is embedded into your project.
  4. You can also customize the appearance of the video using the Theme and Color options in the Insert YouTube Video dialog box.

    Theme: Choose whether you want a light or dark frame color.

    Color: Choose whether you want red or white color to be used in the player's video progress bar to highlight the amount of the video that the viewer has already seen

    Hide Annotations: Check this if you do not want to display the annotations in the video.

    Hide Controls: Check this if you do not want to display the video player controls.


    These theme options are the standard customization options provided by YouTube. These cannot be previewed through the Preview window, you can view the customization only in the published presentation.

  5. Check Autoplay if you want the video to play automatically when the slide loads.


    Autoplay is not supported on Apple devices. If you select this, it will not work if the user is viewing the e-learning course on an Apple device.

Publishing considerations when projects have embedded web object and YouTube content

If you are embedding web objects or YouTube videos in your project, be aware that the YouTube and web object content do not play in the following publish scenarios:

  • YouTube videos and Web objects do not work if you are publishing locally. Published output needs to be hosted on a server in order to run them. 
  • Web objects and YouTube videos do not play if the output is published as PDF.
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