What’s new in Adobe Presenter 8.0

Adobe® Presenter 8 software, now with PowerPoint 2010 support, helps you convert slides into interactive content using out-of-the-box assets and quizzes. Communicate better with engaging videos that you can create at your desktop and deliver to video sharing sites and mobile devices.

PowerPoint 2010 support

Convert PowerPoint 2010 slides, including objects, animations, and multimedia, into rich, interactive video presentations using an improved conversion library.

Integration with Adobe Captivate® 6

Generate robust software simulations within PowerPoint with Adobe Captivate. Create multiple learning modes in a single recording session, including procedure demos, simulations for practicing steps, and assessments. See Recording application simulations for more information.

Desktop-based video production

Minimize the time, effort, and cost associated with producing videos by doing it yourself right at your desktop without specialized equipment or training. Simultaneously capture slide presentations, webcam video, and audio to create engaging video presentations with just a few clicks.

Reach a wider audience by publishing video-based content created with Adobe Presenter to YouTube and other video sharing sites. See Record video presentations for more information.

Smart learning interactions

Insert aesthetically designed interactive elements to your content with just a click. Select from a wide range of out-of-the-box interactions such as Process Cycle, Glossary, and more, customize the content and appearance, and you are done. See Inserting interaction widgets for more information.


Tell your story more effectively using human characters. Select from a wide range of out-of-the-box actors making various gestures to give your content a more personal touch. Set actors against relevant backgrounds to make your scenarios look more realistic. See Add animation, image, and Flash (SWF) files for more information.

Publishing to tablets

Deliver your videos on iPad or Android tablets using the mobile application for Adobe Presenter. Export scoring data from the application to AICC- compliant LMSs. You can also get a white-labeled application from Adobe and brand it for your organization.

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