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How do I plan my Creative Cloud for enterprise deployment?

If you're planning a Creative Cloud deployment, it is best to take some time and consider how to deploy and manage applications, storage, and services.

How do I set up user identities?

Adobe uses an underlying identity management system to authenticate and authorize users. You need to plan and then set up user identity based on your enterprise requirements.

How do I manage users and products?

User Management enables you to create, search, update, and remove user accounts. These user accounts entitle the end users in your organization to Adobe products and services.

Your organization purchases Adobe enterprise plans offering access to various Adobe products and services that may include Creative Cloud products. Get details on how to fine-tune the usage of these plans and services.

How do I deploy apps and updates?

You can decide what apps and services get deployed for your users by the packages that you create. These packages can then be deployed to the user's computers in your organization. You can even perform silent and custom deployment where no inputs are required from your users during installation.

Frequently asked questions

What is included with Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise?

Your Creative Cloud for enterprise account comes with Creative Apps like Photoshop and InDesign, CreativeSync to intelligently sync your assets, Creative Resources such as Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts, Publishing mobile apps, and Enterprise Security of your intellectual property and creative content. Find out more about Creative Cloud for enterprise.

Where can I find information on named deployment with Creative Cloud for enterprise?

Watch this video on deploying Creative Cloud for Enterprise and get an overview of deployment resources for Enterprise, Education, and Government licenses.

Where can I learn about the Adobe Provisioning Toolkit?

The Adobe Provisioning Toolkit Enterprise Edition is a command-line tool for supported platforms that helps you track and manage serialization of Adobe® products. Learn how you can download and use it to manage your Enterprise license. 

Where can I find more information about Creative Cloud for enterprise?

For more frequently asked questions, see Creative Cloud for enterprise FAQs.

Common issues

Why do I get Error 190 when I try to install packages?

Installing a package that contains Project Felix, fails on computers not running Windows 10, because it does not meet the minimum system requirements.

Why do I see a "Configuration error 16" message when I launch a Creative Cloud application?

This error usually occurs if a user does not have sufficient privileges on the computer where the application is running. Follow the instructions for your operating system to set permissions to the Adobe PCD and SLStore folders.

Why does assigning a subscription not automatically associate it to a currently logged in user?

Assigning a subscription to an Adobe or Enterprise ID does not automatically associate that subscription to currently logged-in machines. Logging out and back in typically resolves these issues.

When I accept a major Creative Cloud update, why does my licensing revert to trial?

In environments where Creative Cloud has been deployed with a serialized package, a licensing error can occur which results in applications appearing as trials. Reserializing the affected workstation usually resolves this issue.