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If you are planning an Acrobat DC deployment, it is best to take some time and consider how to deploy and manage applications, storage, and services.

Adobe uses an underlying identity management system to authenticate and authorize users. You need to plan and then set up user identity based on your enterprise requirements.

User Management enables you to create, search, update, and remove user accounts. These user accounts entitle the end users in your organization to Adobe products and services.

Your organization purchases Adobe enterprise plans offering access to various Adobe products and services that may include Document Cloud products. Get details on how to fine-tune the usage of these plans and services.

You can decide what apps and services get deployed for your users by the packages that you create. These packages can then be deployed to the user's computers in your organization. You can even perform silent and custom deployment where no inputs are required from your users during installation.

You can see the guides listed below to learn about deploying your Acrobat products on various devices:

You can also use the Acrobat admin user guide to know more about how to manage Acrobat product across your organization.

Signing out and back in typically resolves these issues. Get more tips on resolving trial and license expired errors.

In environments where Document Cloud has been deployed with a serialized package, a licensing error can occur which results in applications appearing as trials. Reserializing the affected workstation usually resolves this issue.

There are few reasons why this might happen:

  • You may have installed the wrong version of Acrobat DC.
  • There could be incorrect or missing information in your Acrobat DC subscription account. 
  • Your computer may be unable to reach Adobe's activation servers.

Learn how to troubleshoot these issues and get Acrobat DC running again.

To administer Adobe Sign for your organization, a user must have Adobe Sign administrator privileges. The user must also be included in the product plan configuration user group. To manage functional behavior of Adobe Sign services, enable additional administrators using the Admin Console.


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