Deprecated QuickTime support on Windows

Apple no longer provides security updates for its legacy QuickTime for Windows software, leaving this software vulnerable to exploitation. To safeguard Acrobat and Reader, Adobe has also deprecated support for QuickTime on Windows. Acrobat and Reader now use the built-in Windows video player to play legacy QuickTime videos—the videos embedded in PDFs created in Acrobat 9 and earlier.

When you try to play a QuickTime video inserted in a PDF, you see the following warning:

Warning message

This is the default behavior. To change this behavior, choose Edit > Preferences and select Multimedia (legacy):

  • Do not use QuickTime Player for multimedia items: By default, Windows uses its built-in player, instead of QuickTime Player, to play legacy QuickTime media files. Also, if this option is not selected and QuickTime Player is not available, Windows uses its built-in player.
Player Options


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