Issue with import of variable frame rate video clips

Import of Variable Frame Rate clips from Nintendo Switch Gameplay Video Capture and Elgato Game Capture software.


The release of After Effects (version 16.1.3) provides a fix for this issue. For more information, see Fixed issues in After Effects.

The After Effects 16.1.3 update can be installed from the Creative Cloud desktop application.


After Effects (version 16.1.2) may crash when you import variable frame rate video clips created on the Nintendo Switch using the built-in video capture functionality. You may also face issues with some versions of Elgato capture software such as, Game Capture HD.


If this affects a project or composition you are working on, use any of the following options:

  • Transcode the affected video clips using Adobe Media Encoder to a supported high-quality video format such as ProRes, DNxHD, H.265, etc. Import the transcoded video file into After Effects  (version 16.1.2).
  • If you are using an Elgato capture device with Game Capture HD or Video Capture for Windows, upgrade to the latest version of the Elgato software and recapture your video footage.
  • Revert your After Effects installation back to (version 16.1.1) using the Adobe Creative Cloud app. To do this, in the Creative Cloud app, select After Effects > Manage > Other Version > 16.1.1. Once this version launches, you can import your After Effects project and capture video clips as needed.


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