The Adobe Presenter Video Express 12.0.1 release provides enhancements and addresses a number of issues across the entire product. Adobe recommends that all Adobe Presenter Video Express 2017 users use this update release to avail the new and enhanced features. This release is available for all the languages supported by Adobe Presenter Video Express 2017.

Enhancements in Presenter Video Express 12.0.1 release

The enhancements for some of the key features of Presenter Video Express are as follows: 
  • Webcam capture dimension is upgraded to 1920x1080 (maximum resolution, if supported by webcam). This upgrade improves publish quality of your projects.
  • By default, the publish dimension is set to your system screen resolution for Screen and Both recordings. This feature improves publish quality of your projects. 
  • On mac OS retina machines, screen capture is at full retina resolution. This feature improves publish quality.
  • In this release, the new publish dimestions have been added to the existing 
  • New publish video size options are added in settings as 640x360 (SD), 1280x720(HD) and 1920x1080 (Full HD), in addition to the screen dimension (for Screen and Both projects). Earlier, it used to be locked at 1280x720. These additional publish dimensions give the flexibility of choosing your publish size as per your project requirements. 

Installation Instructions

This update requires that Adobe Presenter Video Express 2017 be installed on your system. To determine which version of Adobe Presenter Video Express you have currently installed, choose Help (?) icon at the upper right corner of your Presenter Video Express software. Choose About from the drop-down menu. The version number appears on the pop-up dialog box in the screen. 

To install Presenter Video Express 12.0.1, install Presenter Video Express 2017 and then apply Presenter Video Express 12.0.1 update. Presenter Video Express 12.0.1 update can also be installed by using the Adobe updater.

  • To install using the Adobe updater, choose Help (?) icon > Updates in Adobe Presenter Video Express. Select Presenter Video Express 12.0.1 update from the list of available updates to download and install. 

System Requirements

Adobe Presenter Video Express 12.0.1 updates the existing Presenter Video Express 2017 version. There is no change in the system requirements for Presenter Video Express 12.0.1 update release. Click here to refer to Presenter Video Express system requirements. 

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