Accessibility and 508-compliance

Project outputs published through Adobe Presenter are 508-compliant for users with visual or hearing impairments, mobility impairments, or other types of disabilities.

Adobe Presenter supports the screen reader, JAWS (version 13 and 14) that translates onscreen text in the published output to speech. Users must install JAWS on their computers and launch it before opening the published output. JAWS reads out the control that is in focus. When JAWS is running, objects and shapes in the output screen are highlighted with a yellow border around it.

Users can change the focus using the tab key. Users can also execute actions on all elements of the PowerPoint project such as TOC, playbar, and so on, using the spacebar and the enter key.  

The following elements of an Adobe Presenter output are accessible through JAWS (in addition to the keyboard):

  • Playbar controls including the attachments
  • Side panes including Outline, Thumb, Notes, and Search Pane
  • Slide notes
  • Content on the slides including text, actions, hyperlinks, images, and quizzes

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