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Aero Player (beta) on Android | Common Questions

  1. Adobe Aero User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What is Adobe Aero
    2. Adobe Aero mobile (iOS) system requirements
    3. What is Augmented Reality
    4. Common AR terminologies
    5. Adobe Aero | Common questions
    6. Get started with the user interface
    7. In-app learning resources in Adobe Aero
    8. Using mobile gestures in Adobe Aero
    9. Key 3D modeling concepts
    10. What's new in Adobe Aero
  3. Aero desktop
    1. What's new in Adobe Aero
    2. Adobe Aero desktop | Common questions
    3. Workspace Basics
    4. Keyboard shortcuts
    5. Import assets into Aero
    6. Adobe Aero desktop system requirements
    7. Supported file formats
    8. Work with cloud documents
  4. Aero Player (Beta) on Android
    1. Discover Augmented Reality content in Aero Player (Beta)
    2. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android | Common questions
    3. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android System requirements
  5. Make your digital assets ready for AR
    1. Asset sources for Aero
    2. Prepare Photoshop assets for Aero
    3. Prepare Illustrator assets for Aero
    4. Prepare Dimension assets for Aero
    5. Optimizing Assets for AR
  6. Import AR-ready assets
    1. Import assets into Aero
    2. Import Mixamo assets into Aero
    3. Supported file formats
    4. Import FBX files into Aero
  7. Design AR experiences
    1. Add audio to digital assets in Adobe Aero
    2. Scan a space and set a surface anchor
    3. Place digital assets and edit the scene
    4. Add interactivity to digital assets
    5. Set an Image Anchor
    6. Add animated assets in Adobe Aero
    7. Create animations using Directable characters
  8. Export and share
    1. Share your AR creations
    2. Viewing Aero Experiences FAQ
    3. Collaborate with others on Adobe Aero documents
    4. View AR creations
  9. Cloud documents and storage
    1. Work with cloud documents
    2. Upgrade storage for Adobe Aero
  10. Examples, ideas, and inspirations
    1. Design an AR experience using starter assets

Read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Adobe Aero Player (beta) and get answers to common questions.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is an immersive experience in which we can see, hear, and feel digital content that is overlaid onto our physical world. For more details, see What is Augmented reality.

Is the Aero Player (beta) on Android Free?

Yes, the Aero Player (beta) Android app is available free to download from the Google Play Store. Also the Aero Desktop app (beta) is available for free from the Creative Cloud application. The Aero mobile (iOS) app is also free from the Apple App Store. 

Which Android devices does Aero Player (beta) support?

Refer to our system requirements for details.

Why can’t I install the build from the Play Store even though my Android device is supported?

You may have an Exynos device which is not supported currently. Please refer to our system requirements for more details.

Why isn’t my country supported?

We are working to expand our device support and must validate more devices before we can make the Aero Player (Beta) available in more territories. 

Are iOS devices also supported?

You can download the Aero mobile app (iOS) from the Apple App Store to both view and create Aero experiences. 

Why doesn’t the content “stick” to my surface?

  • Aero uses visual features of the real world to decide how the digital content should be shown. Using textured, non-repeating surfaces in well-lit environments help to ensure the content shows up successfully. 
  • If your camera lens is not clean the computer vision system may have a hard time calibrating to the surface.  For more details, see creating experiences on surfaces.

Can I record a video of the content?

This feature is not yet available in the Aero Player. Many Android devices have the ability to record video or take screenshots. For details, please refer to your device’s user guide. 

How can I create and share my own Augmented Reality content for Aero?

Making and sharing content for Aero is easy. Creation tools on Android are not available currently but you can create Aero experiences on Aero desktop (beta) (Mac, Win) or Aero mobile (iOS). To learn about how to create AR experiences, see create content in Aero.

Can I create Aero content on my Android Device?

Aero creation tools are not available on Android, currently.

My Aero Player (Beta) app keeps crashing, how do I resolve it?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try clearing the app’s cache before reinstalling. You can usually clear an app’s cache and data through your phone’s Settings app. Settings can vary by phone.

What's next?

We've got you covered on the common questions about Aero. To learn more about how to discover and view augmented reality content in Aero Player (beta) on Android, see Discover Augmented Reality content in Aero Player (Beta).

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Aero Community

Don’t forget to showcase your work on Behance and seek inspiration from others' work as well.

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