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Supported file formats

  1. Adobe Aero User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What is Adobe Aero
    2. Adobe Aero mobile (iOS) system requirements
    3. What is Augmented Reality
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    7. Supported file formats
    8. Work with cloud documents
  4. Aero Player (Beta) on Android
    1. Discover Augmented Reality content in Aero Player (Beta)
    2. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android | Common questions
    3. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android System requirements
  5. Make your digital assets ready for AR
    1. Asset sources for Aero
    2. Prepare Photoshop assets for Aero
    3. Prepare Illustrator assets for Aero
    4. Prepare Dimension assets for Aero
    5. Optimizing Assets for AR
  6. Import AR-ready assets
    1. Import assets into Aero
    2. Import Mixamo assets into Aero
    3. Supported file formats
    4. Import FBX files into Aero
  7. Design AR experiences
    1. Add audio to digital assets in Adobe Aero
    2. Scan a space and set a surface anchor
    3. Place digital assets and edit the scene
    4. Add interactivity to digital assets
    5. Set an Image Anchor
    6. Add animated assets in Adobe Aero
    7. Create animations using Directable characters
  8. Export and share
    1. Share your AR creations
    2. Viewing Aero Experiences FAQ
    3. Collaborate with others on Adobe Aero documents
    4. View AR creations
  9. Cloud documents and storage
    1. Work with cloud documents
    2. Upgrade storage for Adobe Aero
  10. Examples, ideas, and inspirations
    1. Design an AR experience using starter assets

Learn about the supported file formats for assets that you would like to import into Adobe Aero.

File formats that you can import

Adobe Aero lets you import 2D, 3D, and archived file formats to use and create an AR experience.

2D image formats

  • Photoshop format (PSD / PSB)
  • PNG
  • SVG 

  • TIFF / TIF

  • GIF

audio formats

  • WAV
  • MP3

3D file formats

3D file formats that can be directly imported into Aero: 

  • GLB (GLTF binary format)

Inside an archive (.zip)

3D file formats listed below can be imported into Aero, as long as they are packaged in an archive (.zip) folder that contains the 3D model and supporting texture and animation files.

  • OBJ - with MDL or MTL materials
  • Collada (DAE)
  • 3DS

  • FBX (supported when files are prepared according to guidelines)
  • PNG Sequence (in numerical sequence)

File formats for sharing AR experiences

You can share your AR experience with others to collaborate or view your creation in the below formats:

  • .REAL  share with team members who want to edit your experiences in Aero.
  • .USDZ  send a static file that can be viewed without interactivity on another device on AR Quick Look. The USDZ export option is available in the desktop version of Aero.


  • Transparent 2D image content is supported in Aero. If your asset has an alpha channel or transparent layers, you will be able to see through the transparent sections inside Aero. 
  • A single asset includes several files inside an archive. When you import an archive, only the first 3D asset is supported in Aero.

What's next?

You now have all the information you need about the recommended sources for assets and supported file formats. You can start by importing assets from other Creative Cloud apps or third-party apps.

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Aero Community. We would love to hear from you. 

Don’t forget to showcase your work on Behance and seek inspiration from others' work as well.

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