Discover tab missing or disabled in Creative Cloud desktop app

Don't see the Discover tab inside the Creative Cloud desktop app? It's likely that your organization has disabled it, or you are in a country where it's not available yet.

Discover tab is missing or message indicates you don't have access to view the content

Your admin may manage the experience of your Creative Cloud desktop app and the visible tabs. Contact your admin if:

  • The Discover tab is missing in the Creative Cloud desktop app, or
  • The Discover tab displays the message: "You don't have access to Discover."

Not in an organization or school?

There are still countries where the Discover tab isn't available yet. We are trying our best to make it available worldwide soon.

If you aren't in an enterprise or school environment and think that you should see the Discover tab, try the troubleshooting steps in Activation and deactivation troubleshooting.


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