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What's new in Photoshop Elements

  1. Photoshop Elements User Guide
  2. Introduction to Photoshop Elements
    1. What's new in Photoshop Elements
    2. System requirements | Photoshop Elements
    3. Workspace basics
    4. Guided mode
    5. Making photo projects
  3. Workspace and environment
    1. Get to know the Home screen
    2. Workspace basics
    3. Preferences
    4. Tools
    5. Panels and bins
    6. Open files
    7. Rulers, grids, and guides
    8. Enhanced Quick Mode
    9. File information
    10. Presets and libraries
    11. Multitouch support
    12. Scratch disks, plug-ins, and application updates
    13. Undo, redo, and cancel actions
    14. Viewing images
  4. Fixing and enhancing photos
    1. Resize images
    2. Cropping
    3. Process camera raw image files
    4. Add blur, replace colors, and clone image areas
    5. Adjust shadows and light
    6. Retouch and correct photos
    7. Sharpen photos
    8. Transforming
    9. Auto Smart Tone
    10. Recomposing
    11. Using actions to process photos
    12. Photomerge Compose
    13. Create a panorama
    14. Moving Overlays
    15. Moving Elements
  5. Adding shapes and text
    1. Add text
    2. Edit text
    3. Create shapes
    4. Editing shapes
    5. Painting overview
    6. Painting tools
    7. Set up brushes
    8. Patterns
    9. Fills and strokes
    10. Gradients
    11. Work with Asian type
  6. Quick Actions
  7. Guided edits, effects, and filters
    1. Guided mode
    2. Filters
    3. Guided mode Photomerge edits
    4. Guided mode Basic edits
    5. Adjustment filters
    6. Effects
    7. Guided mode Fun edits
    8. Guided mode Special edits
    9. Artistic filters
    10. Guided mode Color edits
    11. Guided mode Black & White edits
    12. Blur filters
    13. Brush Stroke filters
    14. Distort filters
    15. Other filters
    16. Noise filters
    17. Render filters
    18. Sketch filters
    19. Stylize filters
    20. Texture filters
    21. Pixelate filters
  8. Working with colors
    1. Understanding color
    2. Set up color management
    3. Color and tonal correction basics
    4. Choose colors
    5. Adjust color, saturation, and hue
    6. Fix color casts
    7. Using image modes and color tables
    8. Color and camera raw
  9. Working with selections
    1. Make selections in Photoshop Elements
    2. Saving selections
    3. Modifying selections
    4. Move and copy selections
    5. Edit and refine selections
    6. Smooth selection edges with anti-aliasing and feathering
  10. Working with layers
    1. Create layers
    2. Edit layers
    3. Copy and arrange layers
    4. Adjustment and fill layers
    5. Clipping masks
    6. Layer masks
    7. Layer styles
    8. Opacity and blending modes
  11. Creating photo projects
    1. Project basics
    2. Making photo projects
    3. Editing photo projects
    4. Creating Photo Reels
  12. Saving, printing, and sharing photos
    1. Save images
    2. Printing photos
    3. Share photos online
    4. Optimizing images
    5. Optimizing images for the JPEG format
    6. Dithering in web images
    7. Guided Edits - Share panel
    8. Previewing web images
    9. Use transparency and mattes
    10. Optimizing images for the GIF or PNG-8 format
    11. Optimizing images for the PNG-24 format
  13. Keyboard shortcuts
    1. Keys for selecting tools
    2. Keys for selecting and moving objects
    3. Keys for the Layers panel
    4. Keys for showing or hiding panels (expert mode)
    5. Keys for painting and brushes
    6. Keys for using text
    7. Keys for the Liquify filter
    8. Keys for transforming selections
    9. Keys for the Color Swatches panel
    10. Keys for the Camera Raw dialog box
    11. Keys for the Filter Gallery
    12. Keys for using blending modes
    13. Keys for viewing images (expertmode)

Discover what's new in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2024.

Quick photo fixes. Total transformations. AI, automation, and a refreshed experience make photo editing easy. Automatically match the color and tone of any photo, or select a sky or background with one click. For unique looks, create stylized text and experiment with new backgrounds and Artistic Effect options. Share pics in fast-moving Photo Reels. Enjoy a whole new experience with an updated look, one-click Quick Actions in one place, and direct access to thousands of free Adobe Stock photos. And when you’re on the go, try creative overlays in the Elements Web companion app and one-click fixes in the Elements Mobile companion app (English-only beta) — your photos and videos auto-sync so they’re available everywhere.

New features summary


New light and dark modes
Enjoy a whole new editing experience with a fresh look.


Color Match
Match color and tone to create a fresh new vibe.


Photo Reel
Create and share fast-moving Photo Reels.


Add Text Guided Edit
Create stylized text for shareworthy posts.


Quick Actions
Discover one-click Quick Actions in one place.


Other New Features

Free Adobe Stock Photos.
New Artistic Effects.
One-click sky or background selection.

New light and dark modes

Enjoy a fresh, modern editing experience with fonts, icons, buttons, and colors that are easy on the eye — and choose from light and dark mode options. You'll notice modernized workspaces (Quick, Guided, and Advanced), dialogs, buttons, panels, toolbar, action bar, and more. You can change the UI color mode of the application to dark or light from the preferences.

Explore the modern editing experience in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Learn more about how to set Preferences in Photoshop Elements.

Color Match

Choose from built-in presets or use a photo of your own, click once, and then fine-tune hue, saturation, and brightness. Explore the new Color Match feature in Quick and Advanced modes. 

  • In the Quick mode, choose from built-in presets and then fine-tune hue, saturation, and brightness.
Explore the Color Match effects in Quick mode.

  • In the Advanced mode, you can also use a photo of your own as a custom preset in addition to the built-in presets and then fine-tune the properties of the result.

Explore the Color Match effects in Advanced mode.

Learn more about how to use the Color Match Effects.

Photo Reel

Reels zip through favorite shots, each with its own text, effects, and graphics. Save them as MP4s or GIFs for easy sharing.

Share your best pics in fast moving Photo Reels.

Learn more about the process of Creating Photo Reels.

Add Text Guided Edit

In this release, we've consolidated all the text options into an easy-to-follow guided edit. Align text horizontally, vertically, or on a path or a shape. Warp it and style it with gradients and patterns.

Follow these steps to use this guided edit feature:

  1. Open the desired photo > Switch to the Guided mode.

  2. Within the Basics category, select the Add Text guided edit card to initiate the workflow.

  3. Follow the guided edit steps.

Use Add Text guided edit to create stylized text for your posts.

Learn more about how to use Add Text guided edit.

Quick Actions

25 of the most popular one-click edits are now at your fingertips. Instantly blur or remove a background, smooth skin, dehaze or colorize a photo, and more in one convenient panel. The Quick Actions panel is located next to Effects in Quick mode.
Here are some of the popular one-click edits in Quick Actions -

  • JPEG Artifacts Removal 
  • Auto Smart Fix 
  • Remove Background 
  • Select Subject 
  • Smooth Skin
Explore popular Quick Actions in Photoshop Elements.

Learn more about how to perform Quick Actions.

Other New Features

Free Adobe Stock Photos

Access free Adobe Stock photos to expand your creative possibilities. Try a new background, make a collage, or create an inspiring Quote Graphic with access to thousands of beautiful stock photos from right inside Photoshop Elements.
Download free images/backgrounds using Adobe Stock in these four PSE workflows:

  • File menu > Search on Adobe Stock
  • Expert mode > Graphics > Background
  • Guided > Replace Background
  • Create  > Quote Graphic

Learn more about Adobe Stock Integration.

New Artistic Effects

Turn photos into art with new Artistic Effect options. Just click to add effects inspired by famous works of art or popular art styles. Powered by Adobe Sensei*.

Explore new Artistic Effects in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

One-click selection

Select a sky or background with one click for easier editing. Automatic selections make it simple to enhance or replace just one area. Powered by Adobe Sensei*.

You can access these one-click select options in two ways:

  • In the Select menu, select Subject, Background, or Sky from the list.
One-click selection options available in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

  • Open any of the Selection Tools from the Tools panel > Choose any of the options, SubjectSky, or Background available within the action bar. 
Explore the one-click selection options available in the action bar.

Learn more about how to Make selections in Photoshop Elements.



*Adobe Sensei is the technology that powers intelligent features across all Adobe products to dramatically improve the design and delivery of digital experiences, using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a common framework.


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Конференцията, посветена на креативността

14 – 16 октомври, Маями Бийч и онлайн

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14 – 16 октомври, Маями Бийч и онлайн