Creating a Picture in Picture - Guided Edit

This Guided Edit is a tutorial on creating a picture in picture. You can place a graphic or video on top of a background video.  

To create a picture in picture using this Guided edit, follow these steps:

  1. This Guided Edit is a walkthrough on placing a graphic or video over top of a background video. Click Back and Next to move forward or backward in the guided edit's steps.

    Creating a picture in picture

  2. Click Add media to import the video clip you add scores to. Ignore if the video clip is already present on the timeline.

  3. Select the option to import media.

  4. Select Guided > Creating a Picture in Picture.

  5. Move the CTI to the location where you want the Picture in Picture effect to begin.

  6. Open a file explorer window and drag-and-drop the video you want to appear in the foreground.

  7. Select the Picture in Picture option.

  8. Enter the duration in the Picture in Picture dialog box. You can increase or decrease the duration of the picture in picture effect.

    Configure Picture in Picture duration

  9. Adjust the position of the overlay, drag the desired location in the Monitor panel.

  10. Resize the handle on the corner of the video clip or graphic and drag it to adjust its size or rotate the overlay. Click Done.

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