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Upgrade storage for Adobe Aero

  1. Adobe Aero User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What is Adobe Aero
    2. Adobe Aero mobile (iOS) system requirements
    3. What is Augmented Reality
    4. Common AR terminologies
    5. Adobe Aero | Common questions
    6. Get started with the user interface
    7. In-app learning resources in Adobe Aero
    8. Using mobile gestures in Adobe Aero
    9. Key 3D modeling concepts
    10. What's new in Adobe Aero
  3. Aero desktop
    1. What's new in Adobe Aero
    2. Adobe Aero desktop | Common questions
    3. Workspace Basics
    4. Keyboard shortcuts
    5. Import assets into Aero
    6. Adobe Aero desktop system requirements
    7. Supported file formats
    8. Work with cloud documents
  4. Aero Player (Beta) on Android
    1. Discover Augmented Reality content in Aero Player (Beta)
    2. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android | Common questions
    3. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android System requirements
  5. Make your digital assets ready for AR
    1. Asset sources for Aero
    2. Prepare Photoshop assets for Aero
    3. Prepare Illustrator assets for Aero
    4. Prepare Dimension assets for Aero
    5. Optimizing Assets for AR
  6. Import AR-ready assets
    1. Import assets into Aero
    2. Import Mixamo assets into Aero
    3. Supported file formats
    4. Import FBX files into Aero
  7. Design AR experiences
    1. Add audio to digital assets in Adobe Aero
    2. Scan a space and set a surface anchor
    3. Place digital assets and edit the scene
    4. Add interactivity to digital assets
    5. Set an Image Anchor
    6. Add animated assets in Adobe Aero
    7. Create animations using Directable characters
  8. Export and share
    1. Share your AR creations
    2. Viewing Aero Experiences FAQ
    3. Collaborate with others on Adobe Aero documents
    4. View AR creations
  9. Cloud documents and storage
    1. Work with cloud documents
    2. Upgrade storage for Adobe Aero
  10. Examples, ideas, and inspirations
    1. Design an AR experience using starter assets

Understand how storage works and how to manage and upgrade storage for Adobe Aero.

How much storage am I entitled to?


Base cloud storage entitlement

Adobe Aero App (Free)

5 GB

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (Paid)

100 GB

If you are using the Adobe Aero Single App plan, you are entitled to 5 GB of cloud storage. If you run out of storage, you are prompted to upgrade to a paid plan. 

How do I increase my storage limit?

If you are an individual customer, use the following table to understand how you can upgrade your storage.

If you are a Creative Cloud for enterprise, or Creative Cloud for teams customer, contact us to upgrade your storage.


Type of plan

Storage upgrade instructions

Apple App Store


Buy 1TB of storage from Adobe.



Go to Adobe's Account Management portal and switch to a plan that includes additional storage. For more information on switching your Adobe Aero plan, see Upgrade your Creative Cloud storage.

How do I free up space from my cloud storage?

If you have reached your storage limit, you can either upgrade your storage or delete older documents to free up space.

  1. From the Cloud documents tab on your Adobe Aero Home screen,  tap on ... next to any of your documents, and then tap on Delete.

  2. To permanently delete a document and free up space, navigate to the Deleted tab and tap on ... next to the deleted document, then select the Permanently Delete option.

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Aero Community. We would love to hear from you. 

Don’t forget to showcase your work on Behance and seek inspiration from others' work as well.

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