Known issues and issues fixed in Adobe Muse

This document provides information about known issues and issues fixed in Adobe Muse, with links to workarounds where applicable.


Adobe Muse is no longer adding new features and will discontinue support on March 26, 2020. For detailed information and assistance, see Adobe Muse end-of-service FAQ.

Known issues in the March 2018 release (18.1)

  • When you add a contact form with Recaptcha v2.0 inside a Lightbox or a Tooltip widget, the recaptcha does not work. Forms does not work when site visitors try to submit a form entry.
  • When you add a Menu widget in your page, and choose the Type as Manual, Resize Policy is disabled. This issue is found when you have Uniform Spacing for your menu items, Show Right Icon for Submenus Only, and Horizontal Center chosen for Parts Positioning
Resize option disabled in Menu widgets
Resize option disabled in Menu widgets

  • When you copy and paste a paragrapgh style with synchronized text from the Home page to the Master page, the style is not copied.
  • When you export an Adobe Muse site, the active state of buttons is not enabled when the buttons are linked to an anchor. As a workaround, remove the linking from the text and link the state button.

Fixes and known issues in the October 2017 release (18.0)

The August release in Adobe Muse (2017.1) brought in a complete set of responsive widgets. While the 2017.1 version enabled you to easily create fully responsive sites, you have faced some issues while working with your older sites. The fixes for most of these issues are available in the Adobe Muse 2018.0 release.

Read on to know the list of the issues that have been fixed in this release:

Issues fixed related to page layout

The following issues related to page layout are now fixed as part of the 2018.0 release:

  • Vertical shift of elements caused the layout to break. Text boxes expanded over or under images in your design. Header elements that were set to Stretch to Browser Width along with pinning, were the primary reason for causing this bug. This issue is now resolved.
  • If you had sites with mixed pinning states, the content with mixed pinning was not pushed down as the page width changed. This issue is resolved now. Elements on a page are now pushed up or pulled down together, and the elements maintain the relative distance. This behavior is irrespective of the pinning state applied to the elements.
  • State buttons were not displayed when you exported your Adobe Muse files. This issue was seen if the buttons had different strokes applied across different states. This issue has now been resolved. The state buttons are now displayed properly in preview and in the live site.
  • Full width slideshows did not work as expected if you had applied either vertical or horizontal transition. This issue has been resolved now.
  • Unwanted white space or gaps were seen when you previewed your site in different screen sizes. The white space was attributed to mixed pinning in the page elements. This issue is now resolved, and no white spaces or extra spaces are found when you preview your site.
  • When you previewed your layout using Adobe Muse 2017.1, containers in Composition widgets did not stretch to browser width. The containers did not stretch beyond 1200 pixels, which resulted in gray colored background in the design. This issue is now resolved.

Crash issues fixed in the October 2017 release

  • When you resized captions in a Slideshow widget, Adobe Muse crashed. This issue is now resolved.
  • When you opened an existing site in Adobe Muse 2017.1, and tried to convert each element in a Slideshow widget to responsive, the application crashed. This issue is fixed.
  • When you converted full screen Lightbox widgets to responsive, and if you deselected and reselected the Full Screen check box option from the Options panel, Adobe Muse crashed. This crash issue has now been fixed.
  • When you exported your Adobe Muse files as HTML or tried to publish the files, the UI froze. You encountered the “Left property should be a pixel value" error. This issue is now resolved.
  • When you opened a site in Adobe Muse 2017.1, and exported the site created using earlier versions, the UI froze. The export action stopped when the home page was exported. This issue is now fixed.
  • Crash errors encountered during publish, preview, or export have now been fixed.

Issues related to third-party widgets

Adobe Muse 2017.1 has been a major release with a fully responsive built-in widget library. This also meant extensive code changes, some of which includes core architectural changes and changes to the DOM (document object model) structure.

Some of you have reported issues when you used third-party widgets with Adobe Muse 2017.1. In response, the Adobe Muse team has reached out to the larger Adobe Muse template and widget vendors to validate their content in the current development builds.

If you continue to face issues with a third-party widget even after updating to the latest version of Adobe Muse, contact the widget developers directly. If the vendors do not respond to your issues, forward the specifics to the Adobe Muse team. The team can take up your case to the widget developers and vendors.

Other known issues in the October 2017 release

  • When you add text inside a rectangle that has fill and opacity applied, the text flows out. 
  • Page pining set to Center does not work when Contact Form elements and grouped State buttons have Resize property set to None.
  • When you click the text inside a vertical menu, the Adobe Muse application crashes.
  • When you add social widgets in a fluid layout, the Pinning properties are not retained when you switch to a different breakpoint.
  • When you export a child page with a Lightbox Slideshow widget, gap is seen between the hero image, captions, and the previous button. This issue is seen if you convert a Thumbnail widget to Lightbox, and add a fixed breakpoint in the Master page. Now, when you export the child page, the gap is seen.
  • File backup process takes time if your .muse file is more than 1 GB, and if the file is opened from a remote location.

Known issues in the August 2017 release (2017.1)

  • Grouped elements placed within a built-in widget, set to Fixed resize does not work as expected.
  • Images or rectangles, when placed inline within a text frame in Fluid breakpoints, does not scale proportionately.
  • When you resize captions in new full-screen slideshows that you create and in files with slideshow transitioned from previous version, the app to quits. To avoid resizing the text frame, modify your text size or content.
  • On selecting mixed or grouped elements, the Pinning control does not display mixed states accurately.
  • The Show Count option of the Twitter Tweet widget does not work.
  • On a Fixed site with fluid breakpoints, when a thumbnail is clicked, the associated hero image is not be displayed properly.
  • The HTML code for the Shopify Buy Now button, when embedded in a composition widget, appears twice.
  • Pinning a widget target container to the upper-right corner of a browser causes the widget to behave unexpectedly on export.
  • Anchor links within a composition widget do not work as expected.
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