How to participate in the Muse beta program


Adobe Muse is no longer adding new features and will discontinue support on March 26, 2020. For detailed information and assistance, see Adobe Muse end-of-service FAQ.

Adobe Muse is sold by subscription to allow the Adobe Muse team to make improvements rapidly and be more responsive to ever changing web technologies.

If you are an Adobe Muse subscriber, you can help sculpt future versions by participating in the Adobe Muse beta program. By making a small change in your Adobe Muse software settings, you can enable the Adobe Muse beta software to install whenever the engineers create a new beta build. You can access and explore the cutting edge of Adobe Muse features—and if you have comments or suggestions, you can let the Adobe Muse team know so that they can improve the next version.

Working with the Adobe Muse beta software

To begin using the Adobe Muse beta software right away, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Adobe Muse.

  2. Choose Help > Help Improve Adobe Muse.

    Select the Help Improve Adobe Muse option from the Help menu.

    A window appears with two participation options:

    • Join the Adobe Muse Beta Program
    • Join the Adobe Product Improvement Program

    You can choose one or both options.

    Check the checkboxes next to the options you'd like to enable.

    If you enable the first option to Join the Adobe Muse Beta Program, you'll access the beta version of the software automatically. The beta software will replace your current release installation of Adobe Muse so that you can begin working with the newest features immediately.

    As new beta builds of Adobe Muse are released, automatic notifications are displayed—just as the Adobe Muse workspace notifies you that the current release version is updated.

    If you enable the second option to Join the Adobe Product Improvement Program, the software will occasionally send anonymous data reports back to the Adobe Muse engineers so that they can learn more about how designers are working with Adobe Muse to create sites. This information helps them make informed decisions about how to improve Adobe Muse.

  3. Select the desired checkboxes and then click OK.

    That's all that's required to begin participating and using the Adobe Muse beta.


    You cannot run both the Adobe Muse beta software and the Adobe Muse release software simultaneously. Beta software contains new features that may not function correctly as the product continues to evolve. Consider reverting to the current release of the Adobe Muse software whenever you are working on a client's project or have a deadline. Also understand that the files you create in the beta version of the software may not be compatible with the release version. In some cases, the features you add to pages with the Adobe Muse beta software may not function when they are published.

Reverting your software back to the current release (non-beta) version of Adobe Muse

At any time, you can choose to opt out of participating in the Adobe Muse beta programs.

  1. Choose Help > Help Improve Adobe Muse.

  2. In the Help Improve Adobe Muse dialog box, deselect the corresponding checkbox or checkboxes, and then click OK.

    An alert message appears, prompting you to quit and then restart Adobe Muse.

  3. The next time you launch Adobe Muse an update message appears that prompts you to install the latest release version of Adobe Muse software.

Submitting feedback

As you work with the Adobe Muse beta software, you'll discover new features that may only be partially finished. You may see areas that can be improved or encounter bugs. And as you design sites, you may envision feature requests that would make Adobe Muse more efficient and easier to use. The Adobe Muse team would love to hear your comments, questions, and feature requests so that they can map out the future goals for the engineers.

Adobe Muse is constantly evolving. If you've encountered any feedback while working with Adobe Muse beta that you'd like to share, follow these steps:

  1. In a browser, visit the Adobe Muse Private Beta Program.

  2. Click Yes Participate, and sign in using your Adobe ID. Suggest an idea for a new or improved feature, submit a bug, or ask a question about an issue you've encountered.

  3. Step text Post your information in the Adobe Muse Public Beta forum, including your site's URL and a description of the issue or suggestion (if applicable).

    This feedback enables the Adobe Muse team to evaluate your site and learn about ways they can improve Adobe Muse to make it easier to use, while offering more helpful features you can use to build your designs.

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