Inserting external videos into your project

Draw on a vast database of existing videos to add more heft to your content, by importing external videos at selected points in your timeline.

Use the audio stream or replace it with your own video or audio narration.

The inserted videos become part of your project and can be edited within Adobe Presenter Video Express.

Based on the video playback length, the timeline is automatically extended.


If you insert  a larger dimension video, Adobe Presenter scales down the video to the dimensions of the video that is already present in the project timeline. 

If you insert a smaller dimension video, its original dimensions are retained.

Insert external videos

  1. Move the playhead to the exact point on the timeline where you want to insert the video.

  2. Click  on the project toolbar to open the External Video dialog box.

    Inserting video

  3. Click Select Video to select the mp4 video and then click Open

    The video is displayed within the External Video dialog box as shown here.

  4. If you want to trim the video, specify the starting and ending point of the video portion you need to insert, by dragging the trim handles appropriately.

    Trimmed video

  5. Check Mute Audio check box, if you want to mute the audio present in the video.

  6.  Once done, click Insert to add the video to your timeline. 

    The video gets inserted into the timeline at the exact spot where the playhead is placed. The project timeline gets extended to accomodate the video.

  7. To delete or narrate on top of the inserted video, place the playhead at any point inside the external video region.

    An option appears on the playhead to delete or narrate on top of the inserted video. For more information on narrating over the external video, see Add narration to external video.

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