Add rating scale questions

Users answer rating scale questions by specifying their level of agreement to a statement. For example, a user may be given the question, “This presentation provided me with valuable information.” and asked if they disagree, somewhat disagree, are neutral, somewhat agree, or agree.

Rating scale questions are always survey questions and are therefore not graded. You cannot assign a rating scale question with a point value, nor can you creating branching for a correct or incorrect answer (since it’s a survey question and does not have a correct or incorrect answer). You can, however, decide what happens after the user completes the rating scale question, such as continuing to the next slide or displaying a URL.

  1. In PowerPoint, open a presentation (PPT or PPTX file).
  2. Select the slide before the one where you want to insert a question slide. For example, if you want the new question slide to be slide 7 in the presentation, click slide 6.

    If you are inserting the question into an existing quiz, the question is appended to the quiz.

  3. In Quiz Manager (Adobe Presenter > Quiz group > Manager), click the quiz to which you want to add a question and click Add Question.
  4. In the Question Types dialog box, select Rating Scale (Likert).
  5. Click Create Survey Question.
  6. On the Question tab, accept the default text for the Name or type new text directly into the text box. The name appears on the question slide in the presentation.

    If you are creating more than one question of the same type (for example, multiple-choice, short answer, and so on.) in a single presentation, type a unique name for each so that you can distinguish between them.

  7. Accept the default text for Description or type a new description directly into the text box. The description appears on the question slide in the presentation and should provide users with instructions about how to answer the question. (The description text box cannot be left blank.)
  8. In the Questions area, click in the first row or click Add and type a Likert question directly into the text box. (You can add up to five separate Likert questions on a single slide.)
  9. In the Answers area, you can accept the default answer text, edit the text, delete a type, and add a new answer type. To edit the text, double-click existing text such as “Neutral” and type new text. To delete an answer type, select a type and click Delete. To add an answer type, click Add and type new text. (You can have a total of five answer types.)
  10. Select the Options tab.
  11. Select Show Clear Button to display a button on the question slide that users can click to clear their answers and start over.
  12. In the After Survey question area, set the following options:


    Click the desired action or destination after the survey is taken. You can advance to the next slide (Go To Next Slide, the default action), jump to another slide in the presentation (Go To Slide), or display a web page (Open URL). If you display a web page, type its address in the Open URL text box, and then specify where to display the web page (choose Current to have the web page replace the presentation or New to display the web page in another window).

    Go To Next Slide

    Depending on the option you selected for Action, this text box lets you specify an exact destination.

    Play Audio Clip

    Select this option to import an audio file or record a new audio file that should play when the question is answered. Use the Record, Stop, Remove, and Import buttons as necessary. (If you have already recorded audio, the record button will be a Play button. To rerecord audio, you must first remove the audio, and then select Record.)

    note: If a question has an audio clip and an action, the audio clip plays and then the specified action takes place.

  13. Select the Reporting tab. You can accept the default settings or, if necessary, modify the following options:

    Report Answers

    This option sends answer information to Adobe Connect Server or a learning management system.


    Name of the quiz to which this question is assigned. You can select a different quiz from the pop‑up menu.

    Objective ID

    This is a number automatically created when you create a quiz. This number is used to report scores from Adobe Presenter presentations that will be tracked in Adobe Connect Server or a learning management system.

    Interaction ID

    Accept the default number or type a new number directly in the text box. The maximum length of an interaction ID is 64 characters. If you want the Adobe Presenter presentation to send tracking information to Adobe Connect Server, you must use the Interaction ID specified by Adobe Connect Server.

    note: If you create a new question by copying and pasting an existing question slide, you must enter a new, unique Interaction ID so that each individual question is reported properly to Adobe Connect Server. We do not recommend creating new questions by copying and pasting; always create new questions using the Quiz Manager.

  14. When you finish, click OK twice.
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