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Edit video theme

Jazz up your video by selecting a theme from a wide range of introductory and concluding clips. 

Easily describe your videos with titles, introduce yourself using the Lower Thirds option, and add custom videos and logos to meet branding requirements.

  1. Click Branding option in the Toolbar pane of the 2017 release of Presenter Video Express. A branding panel appears adjacent to the toolbar. 

    Branding option
    Branding option

  2. In the Branding panel, click a theme from the Themes list. If you do not have any selected themes, None option is displayed with an arrow. Click the None option as shown in the screenshot below. 

    Branding themes
    Adding branding to your project

    A Choose Theme panel appears with a list of default and downloaded themes. 

    In the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express, you can also download themes from Adobe Cloud server in addition to using default branding themes. By default, one branding theme is provided in the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express. In addition to this, you can download 12 branding theme assets from the cloud. To download the assets, click Get more assets at the bottom of the panel.

    Choose theme
    Choose theme

    In the above screenshot, cubes is a default theme. energy-blue is a downloaded theme. When you click Get more assets a Download Themes dialog appears. You can observe that cubes and energy-blue themes are grayed out as they are available in your product already. You can select the theme of your choice and click download to get that theme into your product.

    Download assets

  3. To create a custom theme, click Custom in the Themes list.

  4. Based on whether you want the video at the beginning or end, click Start or End. Then, click Select to browse for the video.


    Only MP4 videos (of codecs H.264 and AAC) are supported. The resolution of the branding video must be 1280x720 or 1280x800 for Presenter 10 projects. For SD projects recorded in Presenter 9 and before, you need to provide a 640x360 branding asset.

  5. To use an image as the background, select Background and then click Select to browse for the required image.

  6. To use a branding icon or a logo, select Left or Right in the Branding Icon section based on where you want the image. Then, click Select to choose the image.

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