Trim videos

You can easily trim unwanted portions of the video using Presenter Video Express's trim features.

  1. Click Play () and pause the video (click the Play button again) at the point where you want to start trimming the video.

  2. Click the Trim option at the Toolbar pane to open up the Trim panel. Cliclk + Start Trim to start the marker on the timeline. 

  3. You can pause the video to indicate the end point of the trim area. The starting and end points of trim region are highlighted in yellow with a check mark or tick icon. 

  4. To set outpoint or to confirm the end point of the trimmed area, click check mark icon in the timeline. You can also click Confirm in the Trim panel to confirm the end point.

  5. Click and drag the start and end points of trimmed area to increase or decrease the trim region.


    You can do it in two ways:

    • Click the space in timeline at the right or left of the highlighted trimmed region
    • Pull the existing trimmed region (orange colored highlighted area) to the left or right by dragging the heads. 

    To delete a trim region, click the trim region and press red colored - icon. Alternatively, you can click Undo Trim button in the panel. 

    You can change the trim length by increasing or decreasing the Start time or End time within the panel. To change the time, click Up or Down arrows adjacent to start or end time. 

    You can change the time duration for trim region in terms of seconds or frames. Each second is divided into 15 frames. To change timing in terms of frames, click the default seconds toggle button. As shown in the following screenshot, you can view the time in terms of frames. To change the time in terms of frames, click Up or Down arrows in Start time or End time. This frames feature enables you to make minor modifications in your video content within a second time frame. 

  6. Do one of the following:

    • Edit the video further by using the trim option again.

    • Add pan and zoom points.

    • Edit the branding settings.

    • Click Publish to publish the video.

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