Troubleshooting and support

This page documents some generic Presenter Video Express recording issues. For issues specific to the 2017 release of Presenter Video Express, see Top Issues | 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express.

Unable to sign in or your product is not listed when you click Contact Us

If Adobe Presenter Video Express is owned by your company or organization, you won’t see it listed under your Adobe ID. Click here to chat with an Adobe Customer Care agent.

Troubleshooting Adobe Presenter Video Express

If you encounter errors while using Adobe Presenter Video Express, redo the workflow by launching Adobe Presenter Video Express in the Diagnostic mode.

In Mac:

To go to the Diagnostic mode, click Help on the Mac OS menu bar, choose Diagnostic mode, and relaunch Adobe Presenter Video Express.

When you try to exit Adobe Presenter Video Express, the Diagnostic Logs dialog box appears. Save the logs on your computer and e-mail them to Adobe at

In Windows: 

To go to the Diagnostic mode, exit Adobe Presenter Video Express, and open Troubleshoot Adobe Presenter Video Express application.

Presentation has a jagged appearance in side-by-side layout

Adobe Presenter Video Express uses certain features of the video adapter on your computer to render images in a better quality in side-by-side layout. The presentation appears jagged and the image is not rendered sharply if the video adapter does not meet the minimum requirements for Adobe Presenter Video Express.

However, since the publishing of your video happens on the cloud on Adobe servers, this issue does not occur in the published output. The Adobe servers have the required video adapter to render your video with high quality.

If you still want to see a high-quality video in editing environment, replace your video adapter with a d dedicated AMD (ATI) or nVidia video adapter. Also, update your video adapter drivers to the latest version.

The quality of the Adobe Presenter video is low

Adobe Presenter Video Express requires a lot of processing power to record the screen and webcam videos simultaneously. The presenter video in particular is a lot more difficult to record. When the processing power is not sufficient, the Presenter video quality will be low. The quality drop can be seen in the drop in the frame rate of the video. Also, the audio and video can go out of synchronization.


Close unnecessary applications and free up system resources. If you experience a problem with the quality of your Presenter video, check the following:

  • Are all unnecessary applications closed?

  • Do you have sufficient free space on your hard disk? At least 5 GB is needed, but around 15 GB is recommended.

  • Are you using a good quality webcam? Check out our recommended webcams.

  • Are your webcam drivers up-to-date?

  • Are you capturing your video in a well-lit environment? Most webcams perform poorly in bad lighting.

  • Are you running Adobe Presenter Video Express in Diagnostic Mode? Diagnostic Mode should only be used to report issues to Adobe.

Unknown error: Payment failed

If you encounter payment-related issues, contact the Adobe support team at

Powerpoint presentation goes out of slide show during recording

While recording screen with Powerpoint slides in presentation mode, when you resume a recording, the Powerpoint slideshow pauses. You can click the powerpoint presentation again to continue the slideshow.

Some artifacts are visible in recorded screen output

Some popups from your operating system interfere with the screen recording and result in artifacts appearing in the output. To fix this, place the recording interface away from popups, or disable the recording interface in Settings > Preferences (Miscellaneous -> Show overlays during recording). Use Shift + End on Windows or Cmd + Option + X) in Mac OS, to end the recording.

Contacting Adobe Presenter Video Express support team

If you encounter errors while using Adobe Presenter Video Express and would want to contact the support team from the application itself, use the Contact us link.

  1. From the Adobe Presenter Video Express home screen, click @ at the upper-right corner. 

  2. The Contact us pop-up screen is displayed. Using this dialog, you can attach log files, your working Project and send to Adobe. You can invoke Contact Us dialog anytime by clicking @ symbolr or question mark icon on upper-right corner of the product followed by clicking Contact Us in the menu. 

  3. Type your name, e-mail ID, and a brief description of the error. Click Send.

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