Creative Cloud for teams gives you access to the latest creative desktop apps - the moment they are released, plus collaboration tools and services you need to create your best work.

Visit the Creative Cloud for teams page for more information.

Get started

Accept the invitation

To gain access to Creative Cloud for teams, you need to be invited by your IT administrator. If you can’t find the email invitation, ask the administrator to resend it. Once you receive it, accept the invitation to become a Creative Cloud for teams member.

To learn how to accept an email invitation to become a member of Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, see Accept an invitation to join Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise membership.


Download and install your first app


Welcome to Creative Cloud. To get started, simply download your first app from the Adobe website. The Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app—which you’ll use to manage future downloads—is installed at the same time.

To learn how to download and install Creative Cloud apps, see Download your creative cloud apps.

Launch an app

With the Creative Cloud desktop application, you can easily see all your Creative Cloud apps at a glance and launch them with a click. You can also launch your apps the same way you normally launch any app on your computer, from their installed location.

To learn how to launch Creative Cloud apps on your computer, see Launch Creative Cloud apps.



Manage your Creative Cloud apps and services

 The Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application is your central hub for managing the dozens of apps and services that are included in your Creative Cloud membership. You can also sync and share files, manage thousands of fonts, and access libraries of stock photography and design assets.

To learn how to download, install, and update apps; share files; manage fonts; access stock images; and more—all from the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, see Use the Creative Cloud desktop app to manage your apps and services.

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