Stop Creative Cloud from reverting to trial mode

Try the solutions in this article when one of the following errors is displayed even though you have an active subscription:

  • Buy now
  • Trial expired
  • Start trial
  • No subscription found
  • <nn> days remaining
No subscription found and Buy Now is displayed
Example: The Creative Cloud desktop app displays a "Buy Now" message even for an active subscription

Solution 1: Sign out and then sign in

Often, signing out and then signing in to your Adobe ID account solves this issue. 

  1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop application by clicking the desktop icon.



    You can also open the Creative Cloud desktop app from the following location:

    • Windows: Start > Programs > Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Mac OS: Go > Applications > Adobe Creative Cloud > Adobe Creative Cloud

  2. From the Profile menu, choose Sign out.

    Sign out
  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Sign Out. The Creative Cloud apps and services associated with your Adobe ID are deactivated on that computer.

  4. A sign-in option appears immediately. Sign in again to reactivate your apps and services on your computer.


    Make sure that you sign in with the Adobe ID with which you purchased your subscription.

  5. Launch any Creative Cloud app included in your membership, such as Photoshop or Illustrator. If prompted, sign in on the next screen.


    Running into a problem? See Activation and deactivation troubleshooting.

Solution 2: Verify that your subscription is active

  1. Access your Adobe ID account, and sign in with your Adobe ID and password.

  2. In the Manage Accounts section, check if your subscription is active.


    If your plan is no longer active, select Edit Payment to update your credit card information.

    Plans and products

Solution 3: Check for updates

  1. Launch the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  2. Click the gear icon and choose Check for App Updates.


    You can also check for updates by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R (Windows) or Command+Option+R (Mac OS).

  3. Install the updates, if any.

  4. Launch any Creative Cloud app included in your membership, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and see if the issue has been resolved.  

Solution 4: Reset the hosts file

Redirected IP addresses can prevent you from activating your subscription.

  1. Repair the hosts file using the Limited Access Repair tool.
  2. If the issue is not fixed even after you run the Limited Access Repair tool, reset the hosts file manually.

Solution 5: Rename SLCache folder

  1. Rename the SLCache folder to SLCache.old, located in the following location:
    • Windows: \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe
    • Mac OS: System Library/Application Support/Adobe
  2. (Windows only) Once you rename SLCache, you get a "Configuration error: 16" when you open a Creative Cloud product. Right-click the product icon and choose Run as Administrator. This creates a new SLCache folder, and the product starts normally.


Running into a problem? See Configuration error | CC, CS.

Additional Enterprise ID-related troubleshooting

For more troubleshooting steps on issues related to Enterprise ID, see Correct subscriptions for Adobe or Enterprise ID.

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