What's covered

Kuler allows you to browse, create, and share color themes. Kuler is comprised ofthe following major pieces:

  • The Kuler web site
  • Kuler panel
  • Kuler desktop application
  • Kuler API

Kuler web site

The Kuler web site is a free to use service available at http://kuler.adobe.com/. You will find it beneficial to create an Adobe ID by clicking on the Register button at the top of this page. You can receive assistance with the Kuler web site via the Kuler talk forums.

Kuler panel

Kuler panel is an extension of Kuler. This brings the exciting features of Kuler directly into your Adobe Creative Suite 4 application. You can find information on how to use these panels directly in the product help. If you need direct support, you can contact our Customer Care team.

Kuler desktop application

The Kuler desktop application can be installed on your computer without having Creative Suite 4 installed. If you need assistance with installing this product, please contact our Customer Care team. You can receive assistance with all other Kuler desktop application issues via the Kuler talk forums.

Kuler API

Kuler API gives you the means to code your own Kuler tool, or embed it into your own application. You can find information on the Kuler API at our Developer Center.

Additional resources

If you would like to find more information on Kuler, you can visit these pages:

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Kuler talk forums


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