Adobe Acrobat PDF Pack is a bundle of Adobe Acrobat online services. With it, you can easily create, combine, organize, sign, and send PDF files online. You can also convert PDF files into editable Word or Excel files.

You cannot edit PDFs with Adobe Acrobat PDF Pack. You need Acrobat DC to edit PDFs. See the Acrobat product page.

  • To manage your account, sign in to Acrobat Web at https://documentcloud.adobe.com with your Adobe ID and password, or with your social (Facebook or Google) account. Click Account (user icon) in the upper-right area of the window and then choose Adobe Account. The Adobe Account page opens in a new tab.
  • To upgrade your account or manage your subscription, click Manage Plan under the Plan information section of the Adobe Account page.

Get started with the Web apps and services


Upload Files: Easily upload files in Document Cloud and manage them from your computer or mobile device. Learn more >


Share PDFs for viewing: Quickly share a link to a PDF document with others for viewing. Learn More >


Export PDF: Convert PDFs into editable Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files. Learn More >


Combine Files: Combine multiple file types to a single PDF. Learn More >


Fill & Sign: Easily fill and sign forms online. Send to others and store them in Adobe Document Cloud. Learn More >

Create Sign Template

Create Sign Template: Create a reusable Sign template of frequently used form fields. Learn More >


Create PDF: Convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other file formats to PDFs. Learn more >

Share for review

Share PDFs for review: Quickly share a link to a PDF document with others for review. Learn More >


Organize Pages: Rotate, move, delete, or renumber pages in a PDF. Learn More >

Compress PDF

Compress PDF: Reduce the size of your PDF file. Learn More >



Send for Signature: Get documents signed by others from anywhere using a web browser or mobile device. Learn More >