Adobe Connect 9.3 Release Notes

Know about Adobe Connect 9.3 release, the upgrade information, and the fixes and enhancements done in the release.


Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that enables corporations and government agencies worldwide to improve collaboration, webinars, and eLearning through exceptionally rich interactions. This minor release delivers critical new enhancements and capabilities to address challenges faced by many organizations in conducting virtual meetings, webinars, and trainings. This release also resolves a number of issues and bugs.

For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

Release date

Adobe Connect 9.3 will be rolled out in phases:

  • On-Premise: Adobe Connect 9.3 installer for customer premise deployments (All supported Locales): Mid-October, 2014
  • Hosted: Adobe Connect 9.3 service hosted by Adobe: Starting Sep 29, 2014. Please check the migration schedule for your account here
  • Managed Services: Adobe managed customer specific cloud deployment of Adobe Connect: Update scheduled based on customer requirement. Please reach out to your Adobe Connect managed services representative to schedule your update

System requirements

For latest system requirements please visit

Important update information

New Adobe Connect add-in

This update requires a new Adobe Connect Add-in (henceforth referred to as simply “Add-in”) for functionality specific to meeting hosts and presenters on Windows and Mac. You will be asked to install the new Add-in when:

  • You try to start/join a 9.3 meeting for the first time and
    • Have an older version of the Connect Add-in installed


  • You invoke screen sharing, application sharing, or share PowerPoint (PPTX format) files and
    • Do not have the Connect 9.3 Add-in installed OR
    • Do not have the latest version of the Connect Add-in installed

The new Add-in is based on Flash Player 11.9 and provides better performance besides fixing several known issues. The new Add-in will also enable our developer community to create custom pods targeting Flash Player 11.9.

If you are in a locked-down IT environment, we recommend that you ensure that all of your end users have the new Adobe Connect Add-in and Adobe Flash Player (version 11.2 or later) installed. Please download the Adobe Connect 9.3 Add-ins from this page, or directly from the links here:

Add-in for Windows

Add-in for Mac

Since the new Add-in co-exists with the Adobe Connect 8 Add-in, it can be downloaded and installed in advance of the Adobe Connect 9.3 upgrade. More information about the Add-in can be found here.

Minimum Adobe Flash Player version 11.2 for attending meeting

Adobe Connect 9.3 leverages advancements in Adobe Flash Player technology for improved audio, video and interactivity. The minimum version required to attend meetings is 11.2, but is recommended to always use the latest version of flash player which can be downloaded from here.

Other key changes to the system requirements

Adobe Connect 9.3 release deprecates the support for following:

Client System:

  • Windows XP


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2


We are also adding support for the following:


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 SP2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

For latest system requirements please visit

Adobe Connect server upgrade path for on-premise deployments

From Adobe Connect 9.0.x

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.3


From Adobe Connect 9.1.x

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.3


From Adobe Connect 9.2.x

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.3


From Adobe Connect 8.x

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 9 -> and then to 9.3


From Adobe Connect 7.5

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 8 -> then to 9 and then to -> 9.3

What's New in Adobe Connect 9.3

The Adobe Connect 9.3 release provides new features and functionality across many different areas of the product. Here’s a summary of the new features you can find in Adobe Connect 9.3.

Meeting-related changes

Screen Sharing Enhancements

We are redefining one of the most important workflow in Adobe Connect – Screen Sharing. The aim is to make it easier for presenters to continue engaging with participants and exercise key meeting functions, while doing Screen Sharing.

Preview of Windows and Applications

The screen sharing option dialog is redesigned to give you visual feedback of the available windows and applications.

This allows you to be sure of your current running applications. The blocked or blacklisted applications will not be shown in this screen.


On Windows platform, this new dialog will come only for users who are using “Aero” theme, which provides the translucent experience. If Aero mode is off, users will be defaulted back to the earlier text list of applications. You can enable it by selecting an appropriate theme from personalize option when you right click on desktop.

Screen Sharing MiniControl

Once you start screen sharing, the meeting room will give way to the new Screen Share MiniControl panel. This panel provides tools that the presenter will need to control his meeting without having to end screen sharing or go back to the meeting room.All these options can be accessed by clicking on the individual icons. The MiniControl panel itself is totally transparent to a participant, i.e. it will not cast any shadow on the screen being shared and users will see anything underneath it.


this panel position is the bottom right corner of your screen by default. You can move this by clicking and dragging the top bar of the panel. The changed position will be honoured only for that session.

Let’s take a closer look at the available options in the Panel:

Compact Mode for MiniControl

The panel is transparent to end user, however if you still feel its obstructing your view, then it can be easily compacted. This can be done either of the following two ways:

  • Click again on the icon of the current open view. For eg: if Share Area view is open, click on it again for the panel to minimize
  • Double click on the top bar of the panel

As mentioned earlier, you can also move the panel by clicking and dragging the top bar.

Hiding the MiniControl

If for any reason you need to hide the MiniControl panel to task bar, simply click on the Hide icon. To bring back the panel, you simply need to click on the Connect icon in the task bar.

Switch to Full Meeting Room

In case the presenter needs to go back to the full meeting room to access functionalities not available in the panel, the option is available on the right top corner of the panel.

To open the full meeting room without stopping the screen share, click on the Switch to Meeting Room icon in the upper right corner of the MiniControl.

The presenter can come back to the MiniControl by simply click on the option in the share pod or from the Notification provided in the main meeting room.

Let’s take a closer look at the available options in the MiniControl Panel.

Share Area

The first option is the most useful functionality and shows what exactly is being share with the end user.
It also provides the option to Stop Share and return to the full meeting room as well as option for pause and annotate.

Chat Control

This option provides users to read and respond to all the chat messages in the meeting room. No more switching back to the meeting room just to check who is responding on the chat. This great new feature lets you be interactive during Screen Sharing.

The panel on minimized mode notifies you about any new message received. If you want to read it, simply click on the chat control icon. What’s more, you can receive and respond to both public and private messages from here!

Attendee Control

Access all controls to manage attendees from this option. You can change roles, grant rights and much more.

Camera, Speaker and Microphone Controls

The next three set of options let you control your Web Camera, Speaker audio and Microphone audio respectively. You have a fully functional web cam pod here to start, pause and stop web cam feeds. The Speaker and Microphone controls let you change the volume, mute and unmute your audio I/O devices.

Notification Control

This option allows you to manage all your notifications such as allow/reject participants from joining the meeting and will show all the pending notifications that need your attention.

Preference Option for MiniControl

If you want to go back to the old screen share workflow by switching off the MiniControl, then you can change your settings under Meeting Preferences -> Screen Share.

Stepped Zoom levels for participants

Users will now have more zoom level options available to them than the two levels available currently. The number of steps available will depend on the display monitor size.


this option is available to all attendees except the presenter who is screen sharing.

New White Board

In Adobe Connect 9.3, we are making some significant changes to whiteboard capabilities, broadly into three areas - granting drawing rights to participants, improve fidelity of drawing and exporting drawings.

Deprecated Functionalities

To start with, the following features have been deprecated:

  • No more drop shadows 
  • No more ‘3D look’ on stamps.

We believe that this gives a much cleaner look to your drawings, and makes it easier to see markups on documents and images.  

New Tool Palette

First, you’ll notice a new palette for your drawing tools. The new palette is vertically oriented, a bit larger, and the menus open horizontally. We’ve done this for two reasons; 1) so that it more closely matches the toolbar in Adobe Connect Mobile – they’re nearly identical which reduces learning time; and 2) so that it is ‘touch’ friendly. With more touch enabled monitors, and with some tablets running full PC operating systems, we needed to embrace touch as a way of interacting.

New Pens

Actually there’s a new marker, highlighter, pen, and pencil. We’ve tried to create drawing tools that are much more lifelike, both in the way they look and the way they behave.

New Color Picker

We are also introducing a new color selection tool similar to the ones used by other Adobe drawing tools. The new tool lets you pick colors by selecting hue, saturation, and brightness values using the vertical sliders.

New Arrange Menu

The arrange menu lets you select objects that are behind, and move them forward, or objects in front, and move them behind other objects. The icons represent Move to Front, Move Forward, Move Backward, and Move to Back.

New Defaults and Stickiness

Each of you use these tools differently - some to quickly highlight things on a slide or an image, some to markup documents, some to write complex equations, and others to freeform sketch and write. To make it easier to get started we’ve done our best to find the right combination of color, stroke weight, and fill for each tool. However, our defaults won’t be right for everyone. So if you change these, we’ll remember your last setting and let you use your new choices on other whiteboards and documents within your meeting room. Whenever you come back we’ll remember your last settings for you.

New Permissions

One of the things we heard most often was how you would like to share the fun of drawing with your participants. So we made it much easier to let others draw with you. Hosts can grant drawing rights to Participants in three new ways.


Remember that no participant will be able to turn on the drawing mode for share pods with these rights – only Presenters and Hosts can do that by clicking the Draw button.

Individuals: If you just want to quickly give rights to one, two, or even a few Participants, simply select them from the Attendee List and hover over their names. You will see a menu allowing you to “Enable Drawing”. The menu will change to “Disable Drawing” if the participant already has drawing enabled to allow you to easily revoke the rights.

All participants for a single pod: If you would like to allow everyone to draw on a particular share pod or whiteboard, just select Allow Participants do draw from the context menu of that pod. You can easily disable the rights for everyone by selecting the menu again.

Everyone for all pods: If you always want to allow participants to draw, whenever the drawing tools are active, on any share pod or whiteboard, you can now set this as a preference for the meeting room. This preference will be remembered for every session you have in that particular room.

Exporting Your Drawings

When you’re finished with your masterpiece, you can now easily export it, either saving locally or sending it to yourself and others. Just select the Export Snapshot from the context menu in the pod of choice.

Migration of Old Whiteboards

The new whiteboard is surely exciting, but if you are worried about your existing drawings, you can relax. We will migrate and honor your old whiteboard objects! You will find your existing drawings there the next time you work with C9.3 (possibly cleaner compared to earlier) and all working with the new tool set.

Mask Phone Number

Hosts will now have the ability to mask the phone numbers of attendees in the meeting room. This new option is available under Preferences -> Attendee Pod. Once selected, user phone numbers will appear masked in the following format 1415xxx9626.
Once set, this will be applicable to that meeting room across sessions.

Guided Hints

In order to make it easier for meeting attendees to get familiar with Connect meeting room, they can now see Tips upon joining the meeting session. Depending on the role – Hosts, Presenters and Participants - the animated tips will differ and are targeted for their key workflows. These tips are per user and each user can independently chose not to see it again.
The same is available under the Help menu as “Show tips for Adobe Connect”. Users can come here to launch the tips animation if they had previously selected “Don’t show this again”.

Chat Sounds

To make it easier for hosts and presenter, we are introducing “Chat Sounds” in this release. With this option in the chat pod, any user can set the ability to hear a sound when a new chat is received in that chat pod. The meeting room will make a sound to catch his attention, only if there is a gap of at least 5 sec between the last received message and the new one.


This setting is for an individual attendee. Changing it will affect only the attendee in question and not others in the room. This will also be remembered across sessions for him on that particular machine.

Split Dial Out

In order to prevent users mistakenly not adding country code and hence receiving dial out errors, the dial out field has been split in this new release. Users now have to explicitly select a country code and write their phone number in the second box.
By default, the meeting room will try and select the country code from where the user has joined the meeting room. Once used / changed, it will remember the old value for next session.
Users can find the right code either by pulling the list down or typing the country name / code in the country code field.

Attendee Status in Break Out Room (BOR)

In C9.2, we made a change so that when participants changed their status in a Break Out Room, the notification did not show in the main meeting room but rather in that particular BOR itself. In this release we are reverting that change. It goes back to the old behavior where hosts in the main meeting room will be able to see the status of all users in the BORs.
An additional change being made is that the notification sent by participants to hosts using “Send message to host” in the BOR attendee pod will be persistent. Host will need to explicitly dismiss it.

Save Recordings while Deleting a Meeting Room

Many a times, users come across a scenario where they have inadvertently deleted their recordings while deleting a specific meeting room. To avoid this, now whenever a user tries to delete his meeting room, the user will be prompted to move all his recordings to his My Content section. This option is selected by default but not mandatory. The user in his wisdom may choose not to move the recordings in which case they will be deleted.
These recordings can later be used for reference and distribution from the My Recordings section.

Persistency of Allow Microphone for All Participants

There are two places from where all participants can be given Microphone rights at once. The first one is in Preference -> Audio Conference while the second one is available under Audio menu, once the conference is started.

With this release, the setting under Preference -> Audio Conference is being made persistent, i.e. once set this will be remembered across user sessions. This setting will be used as a template for audio settings whenever an audio conference is started.
The option under Audio will continue to be only for that session, changing that will not change the preferences setting and its state will be applicable only for that session.

Webcam Rights for Participants

Participants need to be explicitly given Web Cam (video) rights to let them share their camera in the meeting room. In this release a change is being made with regards to the functionality available to a participant receiving webcam rights from a host.
Such a participant will now only be allowed to start / stop his webcam feed and pause locally all the feeds. He will no longer have the right to stop someone else’s camera feed, force presenter view, change video layout, change main video in Filmstrip mode or access Video Pod preferences.
This is to prevent participants with webcam rights from playing around with the video feeds and settings as set by the meeting host.

Room Bandwidth Control for Admins

This release provides greater control for Administrators to decide the optimum usage of bandwidth in the meeting rooms of their account. They can set the default values for Screen Share and Video quality to be applicable for all meeting rooms in the account.
The default values can be changed by meeting hosts. However, if the admin so chooses, these values can be locked which ensures no meeting host can change it for their meeting rooms.
This option is available under Administration -> Compliance and Control -> Share Settings.


As part of this effort, we have removed the room bandwidth tab from the preferences menu of the meeting rooms. Hosts will not find that option in the meeting room any more.

Seminar-related and Events-related changes

Personalized Single Click Event Links

Event managers can customize the event registration confirmation email and the associated calendar invite such that a registrant can join the webinar in just one click without the need to enter his email again on the login page by using the join URL which is personalized to enable the same. For events that do not require a password, registrants directly enter the event on clicking join. For events that require a password registrants will see their email pre-filled in the login form.
Also, new run time fields have been introduced for Email templates which allow Event Managers to insert a join button in the event email. This replaces the event join URL.

Personalized Registration Confirmation Page

Event managers can now edit the registration confirmation page by adding any of the available run time fields and customize it to tell their story better. They can also put a calendar invite component on this page. Users can download the calendar invite from here and save it to update the event information in their calendar.

Specifying Choices as CSV Values for Multiple Choice Registration Question

Event managers can now create multiple choice registration questions easily by specifying the list of choices as comma separated or new line separated values. This is a marked improvement from the previous feature where they had to add choices one at a time for the same question.

Additional Social Integrations

With this release, we are extending the social integration capability of Connect Events. Event Managers can now customize event pages to include Twitter share and Facebook like buttons. This helps in crowd sourcing event promotion and lets you reach large audience, if required.
The options are available while editing a page in the side kick under social plugins. Event Managers can drag and drop them on the page as desired. By default, the plugins will pick up information about the event but can be customized / configured as desired.

Extend Instant Seminar Sessions

Seminar hosts can now extend their instant seminar session beyond 2 hours. At the end of 2 hours, seminar hosts will be notified about the session close and given a choice to extend. If he chooses, the session can be extended for another 30 minutes. Seminar hosts can keep on extending the session by 30 minutes as long as there are no conflicts with a pre-scheduled seminar session.

User Rejection Notification in Standby Mode

We have added a new notification for the seminar hosts which informs if any participant is not allowed to join the seminar due to room reaching its limit in the standby mode. The host can take corrective action such as start an instant session based on this info or choose to ignore.

Email interactions

Require Responses for Seminar iCal

Seminar Emails will now have an extra option to request responses to the iCal sent to the participants. This is equivalent to the “Request responses” setting in Microsoft Outlook meeting invite. If not set, users will not be required to send a response back to the seminar host. This helps in preventing clogging of host mailbox with acceptance/decline status of each user. By default, this will be selected. Users who don’t want any response to the iCal may unselect that in the email templates.


this feature works only for ‘Microsoft Outlook on Window's users. It will not work for Mac users or users using the likes of Gmail.

Email Opt Out

Event managers can now allow recipients of event emails to opt-out of further invitations to the webinars. A new runtime field is available in the text component for email templates called "Opt Out Link". Event managers can add this runtime field in their email templates. This field will be replaced by the personalized link for the users to opt out in the emails that are sent.

Users who opt-out will not receive any invitation emails for future events unless they opt-in. Users who opt-out may still be able to register for events from the registration pages. Opted out users will continue to receive emails like reminders or updates for events that they have registered for.

When the users click on this link in their email, they will be taken to opt out page. Once logged in users will get an option to either opt in or out based on their status in the system.

Event Managers can also easily draw reports to see how many of the invited users actually used opt out feature. This report is available under the Event Administration tab where a new Tab is added for Email Opt out. Event Administrators can download the report from here. This is also the place where Event Administrators can find the link which provides participants the ability to opt in.

Track Email Status

Event Managers can now track the status of emails sent for the event against all email triggers to get a holistic picture of what happened with their invites. The option to generate and download this report is now added under the Email Options of an Event.

The report generated is of the following format.

Status of the email can have one of the following values:

  • Unpublished/Cancelled
  • Queued
  • Sent
  • Opted out of email invitations
  • Bounced/Error

Training-related changes

Concurrent Leaner Training Reports

New reports have been added for accounts with concurrent learner setup. These reports allow account admins to easily view important information about usage and license utilization in their accounts. 

Important information available in this report:

  • Peak concurrent learners using the account in the given period
  • Over the defined period the numbers of Users denied due to reaching concurrent users quota limit

The above two reports can be seen at a granularity of days, weeks or months. They can also be easily downloaded as CSVs for detailed analysis later. Besides the above two reports, account admins can see the current quota utilization as well.

Adobe Connect Extensions 

Microsoft Lync Add-in for Adobe Connect

We are also introducing the new Microsoft Lync add-in with this release. This add-in works in conjunction with your Microsoft Lync client and allows you to quickly invite your contacts for an instant Adobe Connect session. Just drag and drop the contact(s) in the add-in tool bar to send them an invite.

This add-in will be available separately later on Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates page from where users can download and install it. Additional documentation will be provided later for the Add-in.

Issues resolved

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Fixed issue where in some cases, a user joining a meeting is stuck with a Spinning Wheel in the share pod where presenter shared a file


Fixed issue where Addin11.9.949 crashes on mac machines for few users


Fixed issue where users were not able to make duplicate event of an already ended event


Fixed issue where SQLExceptions didn’t have qualifier custom strings


Fixed issue where anti-CSRF tokens were not in use outside of the XML API


Fixed issue where blank page is seen upon completing registration for some events


Fixed issue where Recording didn't recover after meeting fastfail


Fixed issue where event reports took long time to execute


Fixed issue where when recording is made public with a passcode the passcode is visible in plain text in the ?mode=xml data


Optimized reporting for training enrolees


Fixed issue where "Allow Participants to use Microphone" setting in Audio Conference Preferences was not persistent like all other settings


Fixed issue where Addin crashes when start new recording is used while making offline flv


Fixed issue where viewing a PDF uploaded in content library gives 'Failed to load PDF document' error when opened in Google Chrome


Fixed issue where FMS warnings were added in event logs when FMG is installed on the same box (running Connect 9.x)


Fixed issue where course audio/video was not playing on some Android devices


Fixed issue where Intercall conference fails to start with spifaultexception


Fixed issue where telephony service set-service-state api does not fail even if wrong shared-secret is used


Fixed issue where when a manager resets the course status within a curriculum of an enrolee who has not attempted the curriculum, the curriculum status is set to In Progress


Fixed issue where Forgot Password mails were not being sent


Fixed issue where for few users meeting content periodically reverted to a previous state


Fixed issue where in the main room User can still see the overlay tool bar  Draw and Pointer buttons used in the Breakout rooms


Fixed issue where User were not registered using Social (Facebook/Google) for events created before C9


Fixed issue where File Share pod from template shows content name blank and size as NaN MB


Fixed issue where Browser refresh while downloading recording content causes temp file to be left behind


Fixed issue where after a disconnect/reconnect event, the user can no longer control the web cam controls in the room


Fixed issue where at Break out end, webcam rights were taken away from participants after they come back to the main meeting


Fixed issue with Whiteboard usability


Fixed issue where Audio Profiles displayed only first 100 profiles while creating a new meeting


Fixed issue where in on rare occasions screen sharing was not broadcasting after 20 minutes or so


Fixed issue where having placing users on hold in a meeting but when users got disconnected from network, the user may not be able to re-join meeting after meeting is un-hold and this increases the meeting quotas


Fixed issue where users were unable to create seminar session intermittently. It failed with "Not Authorized" error


Fixed issue where “next” parameter on the Login page does not adequately validate input and could be used to redirect users to malicious sites


Fixed issue where User Status was stuck on In-Progress if content is published in HTML5 using Captivate


Fixed issue where course report was not generated when deselecting "Group" in Fields to Display


Fixed issue where tag for <externalHostName> is commented out in config.xml


Fixed issue where if a user select some email triggers and click on "Send Test Email" button, then all the selected email triggers selected by user got unchecked


Fixed issue where on premise user needed an option to increase dial-out timeout


Fixed issue where File Share pod is not announced on pressing Ctrl+F6 pod


Fixed issue where meeting saw high CPU utilization at client side while using some pods


Fixed issue where in some cases attendee approval event email was not going out


Fixed issue where if hosted customer has selected prevent reuse of old password checked, new admins cannot be created


Fixed issue where API log doesn't indicate which domain name the request was sent to


Added a feature to force users to select a country for audio dial out


Added a feature to mask telephony dial-in numbers in attendee list pod


Fixed issue where Training Managers get Not Authorized when editing VC in Share folder depending on Room Entry Setting


Fixed issue where attendee status notifications from BoR were not sent to Main Room


Fixed issue where ‘contact admin’ email address provided in emails received (User Suspended Email, Password reset, etc) was not the Account Administrator email


Fixed issue where it was not possible to log in to a newly created hosted account for user that has more than one hosted account


Fixed issue where when an MP4 is shared from Content folder in the meeting,  a new MP4 content is created under meeting recordings which has a URL type name


Fixed issue where creating new meeting assignments using meeting monitor servlet does not work


Fixed issue where offline recording time was not the same as the original


Fixed issue where in some cases FLV embedded in SWF does not load in Connect 9.x but worked fine in 8.2


Fixed issue where "Up One Level" button was missing within Seminar Session and under "Items to move" same video title was displayed twice


Fixed issue where questions in the Q and A pod disappear OR may appear repeated or with huge blank spaces, when presenter view of the pod is moved to POA


Fixed issue where private message is seen by unintended recipient in subsequent session of meeting


Fixed issue where toast messages become visible when multiple toasts are present


Fixed issue where negative In-Use Meeting User Quota prevented users from joining meeting


Fixed issue where after rotating the shape, resize feature was not working properly for that shape in whiteboard


Fixed issue where if a zip file contains file with special characters in filename, then on sharing the zip file in share pod gave the error: "There was an error converting your file"


Fixed issue where recurrent reminders were not being sent for Virtual Classrooms using recurrent option


Fixed issue where an Arkadin user whose dialout fails could not hang up


Fixed issue where bandwidth quota gets checked and updated even when bandwidth quota is unlimited


Fixed issue where if a user disconnects his phone which was dialed out and then try to dial out again, 1591 is prefixed to his phone number in the dial-out box


Fixed issue where weekly view of the reports doesn't show weekly reports until one clicks on the graph to expand the view


Fixed issue where for MeetingOne, user list is not displayed properly


Fixed issue where on unsuccessful dial-out attempt from a breakout room, user is brought back to the main meeting room


Fixed issue where "Send Message To..." is not working correctly for participants with enhanced Q&A Pod rights. Private messages were being sent to all


Fixed issue where multiple Adobe Connect Certificate IDs were being generated for the same Course/Curriculum


Fixed issue where new user receive wrong credentials if admin traverses back through user creation pages before completing the workflow


Fixed issue where the date format is not consistent between Seminar Calendar and other calendars


Fixed issue where blank error message pops up when user tries to uninstall the running Connect Add-in


Fixed issue where for JPN language on Windows, the string "Question" is truncated in Poll pod


Fixed issue where Request Not Processed page was displayed if user inputs an event custom URL on the ‘search custom URL’ page


Fixed issue where discrepancy was seen for reports by user tab for courses


Fixed issue where when switching Connect server from test mode to maintenance mode, not enough active servers error is given


Fixed issue where zone parameter was not mandatory when switching Connect server from test mode, back to active or maintenance mode


Fixed issue where API result discrepancy was observed for Meeting Attendance details


Fixed issue where text inside the whiteboard objects are not aligned to the center of the object itself


Fixed issue where logo, small banners, large banners and speaker images could not be uploaded on editing the event


Fixed issue where high CPU usage was seen for Connect Add-in in idle state


Fixed issue where there were unused columns in the curriculum By Users report


Fixed issue where recording playback froze on manually seeking


Fixed issue where API config-settings-reload leads to Connect service restart, if server is in TEST mode in different zone then rest of the cluster


Fixed issue where participants continue to see the share pod's title bar even if host has hidden it from the pod options.


Fixed issue where ‘send email’ and ‘prompt to change password’ for new users was there in training group management work flow


Fixed issue where importing more than 20,000 users in Participant Management of events threw an "operation-size-error" exception and no email sent


Fixed issue where there was discrepancy in meeting session reports and reports generated for same meeting under Reports Tab


Fixed issue where event email action fails due to asset-install failure


Fixed issue where email action fails due to special characters in the host's name


Fixed issue where Japanese customer cannot download files from the File Share pod in Meeting when they contain U+300 characters in Japanese


Fixed issue where Time zone abbreviation shown on the Event registration page for Australian time zone was incorrect


Fixed issue where right aligned event logo shows on left in email client


Fixed issue where Password Reset email not received when Password reset workflow invoked via Event Registration page of a migrated event


Fixed issue where recording was stuck on spinning wheel while making off-line


Fixed issue where audio profile drop down not available on second page of Training list while creating a new virtual classroom


Fixed issue where Curriculum Reports were garbled for double byte Japanese characters


Fixed issue where moving existing courses to a folder with in the same curriculum was not allowed


Fixed issue where ICS file sent along with event invitation didn't include Telephony info


Fixed issue where attendees saw "session timed out" error


Fixed issue where Windows Addin crashed when just sharing "Adobe Connect Addin" as an application


Fixed issue where incorrect directions given when a clash on port 80 is detected while installing Connect for on premise


Fixed issue where Connect was not sending course notification emails


Fixed issue where after addin-checker installation is complete, users saw a warning dialog saying this application might not have been installed properly


Fixed issue where on viewing a password protected recording in Content library, content views increased by 2

Known issues

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Registration questions are shown two times in event-> ‘report by answer’ for edited events


Course created from Presenter 10 content using the hybrid mode (where both SWF and HTML5 output are supported) and published to Connect directly cannot be added to a virtual classroom


The green pointer is not in the right position for a Connect mobile user when presenter is sharing PDF from desktop


Download calendar widget should not be available on registration page


Event Calendar component should not be available on event registration page


Specific recording with camera/voip/screenshare could not be converted to MP4


Pods which are disabled in compliance are shown on the screen sharing panel


User cannot receive private chat messages in screen sharing panel if old chat pod is closed and reopened but in presence of a new chat pod


All the Social Plugins related strings are hardcode in event


The string is missing from Custom Label name for field or Prefill field with default value input box after you single click anywhere of the page with mouse.


IE10 Only: The Report Suite ID is always displayed as "undefined" under "Event Management -> Event Administration -> Analytics Administration"


Unsupported image type accepted in Banner Image fields


Event error message does not wrap properly on the registration page


Addin Installer gives Error if there is another instance of Addin already opened while installing


Some high ascii characters display as garbage characters in Console. [Licensed Installer]


Mac Only: KOR/JPN: Many characters at the end of texts in meeting preferences views are truncated


Pods are Maximized before hiding them, they will remain maximized after you reset layouts


User is not able to change text properties like font/size/color if the size of share pod is small


In rare cases, one user is shown as multiple attendees in the attendee pod


Mac 10.9 only: Save as dialog is not localized


In some instances, Screen sharing control panel casts shadow on screen if presenter uses secure desktop


Mac Only: Help link in Addin System tray is landing to wrong page for the following locale: CHS/JPN/KOR/PTB/RUS/TUR


On Mac, Screen share dialog shown on the second monitor if present


The date format is incorrect in Training graph for non EN locales


"Switch to compact mode" is not disabled in chevron menu when user is in pause and annotate state


Some strings not localized in installer


On ending a meeting from mobile device for a new meeting room, the users on computer will not see the proper end meeting messages


Can't type text in private chat with a user that changes his name to that of a user who has exited the meeting


Concurrent Learners Training Report: Concurrent training denied users count increased by 2 on opening an instance of a training when account limit is reached Pre-rendering issue


Cannot create report suit id with new omniture credentials having a space in the company name


Blank list shown if user double clicks on a group which is invited to an event


Course Information page popps up after clicking the uploaded content of Virtual Classroom under the Disk Usage page


For courses created with Presenter html5publish, the Submit button gets zoomed when user tries clicking it on Android


Cannot link Connect 9.3 account with AEM6.0 Webinar Integration Package


Discrepancies in Flex group system usage report; shows incorrect room counts and meeting minutes in the detailed report


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Konference věnovaná tvořivosti

14.–16. října Miami Beach a online

Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX
Konference věnovaná tvořivosti

14.–16. října Miami Beach a online

Adobe MAX

Konference věnovaná tvořivosti

14.–16. října Miami Beach a online