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Use Adobe Presenter Mobile for iPad

Adobe Presenter Mobile is an iPad application (listed as“Adobe Presenter” in the iTunes store) that enables you to view your Adobe Presenter-generated swf output in iPad.

To view your output, open the app in your iPad and enter the url of the Adobe Presenter content. Press Enter.

The Adobe Presenter iPad app

Once the content is downloaded, Adobe Presenter Mobile displays the content on your iPad.

Additionally, using this app, you can also view the Adobe Presenter content available on Adobe Connect.

Switch to Table of Contents (ToC) mode

Click to view your presentation slides in a Table of Content format.

View the presenter's details

Press to view the presenter's details.

View the attachments

To view attachments that you added while creating a project in Adobe Presenter, press option.

Lock the playbar

If you had selected the lock option while generating the project in Adobe Presenter, the lock icon is displayed.


You cannot navigate or seek another slide if the lock option is set.

Fix for issues viewing presentations using the Adobe Presenter mobile app for iPad

If you find that your presentations created using Presenter 10 and Presenter 11 do not display propetrly when viewing using the Adobe Presenter mobile app for iPad, then:

  • If you are using Presenter 10: Update your Presenter version using the instructions in this patch document 
  • If you are using Presenter 11: Download the zip file below and replace the presenter.libs.js file in your installation with the one in the zip file.


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