Adobe Connect 9.2 Release Notes


Release Date

Adobe Connect 9.2 will be rolled out in phases

  • On-Premise: Adobe Connect 9.2 installer for customer premise deployments (All supported Locales): Feb 28, 2014
  • Hosted: Adobe Connect 9.2 service hosted by Adobe: Starting March 2, 2014, check the migration schedule for your account here.
  • Managed Services: Adobe managed customer-specific cloud deployment of Adobe Connect: Update scheduled based on customer requirement. Reach out to your Adobe Connect managed services representative to schedule your update


Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that enables corporations and government agencies worldwide to improve collaboration, webinars, and eLearning through exceptionally rich interactions. This minor release delivers critical new enhancements and capabilities to address challenges faced by many organizations in conducting virtual meetings, webinars, and trainings. This release also resolves a number of issues and bugs.

For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

System Requirements

For latest system requirements, visit

Important Update Information

Review the following important information regarding the update.

New Adobe Connect Add-in

This update requires a new Adobe Connect Add-in (henceforth referred to as simply “Add-in”) for functionality specific to meeting hosts and presenters on Windows and Mac. You will be promped to install the new Add-in when:

  • You try to start/join a 9.2 meeting for the first time and
    • Have an older version of the Connect Add-in installed


  • You invoke screen sharing, application sharing, or share PowerPoint (PPTX format) files and
    • Do not have the Connect 9.2 Add-in installed OR
    • Do not have the latest version of the Connect Add-in installed

The new Add-in is based on Flash Player 11.9 and provides better performance besides fixing several known issues. The new Add-in will also enable the developer community to create custom pods targeting Flash Player 11.9.

If you are in a locked-down IT environment, it is recommended that you ensure that all of your end users have the new Adobe Connect Add-in and Adobe Flash Player (version 11.2 or later) installed. Download the Adobe Connect 9.2 Add-ins from this page, or directly from the links here:

Add-in for Windows
Add-in for Mac

Since the new Add-in co-exists with the Adobe Connect 8 Add-in, it can be downloaded and installed in advance of the Adobe Connect 9.2 upgrade. More information about the Add-in can be found here.

Minimum Adobe Flash Player version 11.2 for attending meeting

Adobe Connect 9.2 leverages advancements in Adobe Flash Player technology for improved audio, video, and interactivity. The minimum version required to attend meetings is 11.2, but is recommended to always use the latest version of flash player which can be downloaded from here.

Other key changes to system requirements

Adobe Connect 9.2 release deprecates the following support.

Client System:

  • Windows Vista
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Ubuntu 11.04
  • OpenSuSE 11.3
  • Chrome OS

For latest system requirements, visit

Adobe Connect Server Upgrade Path for In Premise Deployments

From Adobe Connect 8.x

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.2

From Adobe Connect 9.0.x

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.2

From Adobe Connect 9.1.x

Upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.2

What's New In Adobe Connect 9.2

The Adobe Connect 9.2 release provides new features and functionality across many different areas of the product. Here’s a summary of some of the new features you can find in Adobe Connect 9.2.

Video Conferencing Changes

Filmstrip Mode

Adobe Connect 9.2 provides a new mode for Video Pod which has one main video and the rest of the videos appear as smaller feed within a strip. This allows participants to focus on the main speaker of the session and still able to see all the participants who are sharing their webcam feeds.

Only Hosts can switch between the current mode (Grid Mode) and the new Filmstrip mode using the toggle button on the Pod. This view is synchronized across all users.

Main Video

On selecting the new mode, the first main video will be of the user (with a video feed) who triggered the Film Strip mode or the user (with a video feed) who joined the session earliest. Thereafter, both Hosts and Presenters can choose a video feed and pin it as the main video as and when desired.

Once selected, the main video will be preserved if modes are switched again.

Film Strip

Any feed in the strip can be selected as the main video. This will make it the main video while the previous main video will go the rightmost end of the strip.

Users can scroll the strip on either side to see other available feeds. This scrolling is for the individual user and will not affect what other users see. The scroll icon will only be available if a feed is hidden from the view on that side.

Both the main video and strip video will scale when the size of the pod changes. However, while main video can keep on scaling to fit the pod, strip videos will have a maximum scale limit after which the strip will expand to accommodate more videos.


If breakouts are enabled, then changing the mode in one breakout room will result in changing of mode in all breakout rooms.


Using Film Strip mode results in valuable saving of bandwidth and computing requirement over Grid Mode and hence results in better experience for participants.

Full Screen Option

Users now have the option to make Video Pod as full screen (just like the share pod) and fully utilize the available screen area with a single click of the button. When a user chooses to go full screen with Video Pod, the title bar is automatically hidden. User can easily bring back the title bar by moving the mouse close to the top of the meeting area.

While make full screen is available as an individual option, presenters can choose to force their view on all users where every participant will have to be in full screen video conferencing.


Force Presenter view for Video Pod is not available in Break Out rooms.


While in Full Screen mode, press Esc key to quickly come out of it.

Improved Meeting Experience

First-Time User Experience

With C9.2, we are greatly enhancing the first-time user’s experience with Adobe Connect. The changes will simplify the workflow and reduce the number of steps a user needs to take to start using the product from the time the user's profile is created.

New Welcome Email

With this release, the new users can receive the welcome email in HTML format. This has much cleaner formatting compared to the old email and has a clear call to action for the new user who just needs to get started by clicking the Explore Adobe Connect link. This avoids any confusion for the user on how to proceed with working with Connect.

We understand that not every organization allows HTML format for emails and hence the old text only email will continue as well. The user will receive the appropriate format email depending on the user's Email client setting.

Intelligent First Login Process

On clicking the “Explore Adobe Connect” link in the welcome email, the user is taken to either Adobe Connect Central (the web application) or directly to his first Adobe Connect Meeting room. This is dynamically determined when the user logs in the first time and depends upon what user group the user was assigned to by the Account Admin. For example, if a user is part of the Event Manager group, the user is taken to the Events tab in Adobe Connect Central. However, if the user is a meeting host, the user will directly be taken to a new temporary meeting room.

Temporary Meeting Room

A new user, who is part of the Meeting hosts group, is directly taken to a temporary meeting room after first logon. This is an actual meeting room which is created for the user so that he can quickly explore and become familiar with Adobe Connect meeting environment. If required, the user can change the system assigned meeting room name and URL to a value of the user's choice.
Once created, the user can use it like any other meeting room.


This temporary meeting room is only created the first time a new user logons to Connect. For creating another meeting room, and for all existing Connect users, the old workflow of using Adobe Connect Central will be applicable.

Pause Audio Broadcast

Hosts now will be able to pause the audio broadcast in a meeting room. This will allow presenters to discuss with each other on Telephone Bridge without letting the participants in the meeting room hearing the discussion.


Pause Broadcast will not break the Universal Voice line unlike Stop Broadcast.

Recording Start Indication

When a user starts a meeting recording, it might take a few seconds to start depending upon whether or not UV line is connected. Now, user will get a proper indication with a swirly to indicate that recording for the meeting is still starting.

Opt Out From Engagement Tracking

Users, who are part of the Event Managers group, can use engagement tracking in their regular meeting rooms. With Adobe Connect 9.2, they will have the ability provide opt out option to the participants in their regular meeting rooms as well. This is similar to opt out option for Events.

The Administrator can determine the default setting of allowing opt out option for the account under the new section in Administration -> Compliance and Control -> Engagement Tracking.

Admins can either force all the users in the accounts to a specific setting or allow individual owners to override the default settings as they see fit.


The opt out option is applicable for Virtual Classrooms as well. Event Admins no longer have the ability to set Opt Out options for Events. They need to contact Account Admin.

Send Whiteboard Snapshot

Users can now take a snapshot of the white board and email it to themselves for easy reference later. The snapshot is delivered as an email attachment and is in a PNG format.

Password and Security Settings

Change Password at First Login

In the user creation workflow, there is an option to require the user to change his password on first login. With version 9.2, the default setting for this option is to have it selected. Administrators can change it if required while creating a user.

Prevent Old Password Usage

Admins can now set the policy of forcing users to not use their old passwords while changing or resetting it. With this setting enabled, users will not be able to use a password which is among the last n used passwords. The value of n will range from 3 to 13, as chosen by the Admin.

This setting is available under Administration -> Users and Groups -> Edit Login and Password Policies.

User Suspension on Multiple Failed Login

To provide security against brute force attacks, a new security policy is brought in with Adobe Connect 9.2 where user login is suspended if five consecutive login attempts are made using incorrect passwords.

The login is suspended for 5 minutes after which user can log in again. In case user needs to access the account or a Meeting before the stipulation suspension period, the user may:

  • Reset the password
  • Join as guest for meetings

Consecutive unsuccessful logins will be counted across all Adobe Connect applications – Meetings, Events, Mobile client, and Outlook add-ins

Using Social Profiles

Managing user profiles across different applications is a big issue for users since they have to remember all such profiles. This is especially true for a user who wants to use a service possibly only for a few times. For example, a user attending product launch event.

To overcome this roadblock, with Adobe Connect 9.2, event users can use their social profiles to register and join an Adobe Connect event. This will spare them from the hassle of creating and remember new credentials for an event. Users can choose to either authenticate using their existing Facebook or Google profile while registration and continue attending the event as they would have done previously.

To avoid confusion, Adobe Connect will present the right profile to authenticate when a user comes to join an event from the registration email.

Account Admins can choose whether they want to have social login enabled for their account or not. This setting is available under the Administration -> Edit Login and Password policies.

They can also choose which all social profile is available for everyone in the account.
Once enabled by Admin, Event managers can decide whether social login is enabled for each of their events.

TrackingIn Adobe Connect 9.2, the option to allow opt out from engagement tracking for events has been moved from Event Administration to Account Administration. Event managers and Event Admins need to contact Account Admins for change in settings which are applicable for the entire account.


Only in-session opt out option will be given to participants. The opt out option for participants, which was previously available on the Event login page, is being deprecated.

Issues Resolved

Issue Tracking Number Issue Description
3640883 Fixed issue where add-in crashed while making the recording offline
3661204 Fixed issue where CPS service fails to launch due to empty tomcat folder
3671147 Fixed issue where migrated users not able to login, and are also not able to create new administrator from console
3674394 Fixed issue where Windows add-in crashed as one shares application on Win 8.1
3673238 Fixed issue where window sharing on Mac 10.9 OSX doesn't work
3659761 Fixed issue where availability of CPS and FMS is not checked when clicked on "Test Again" button in AS3 Test.swf
3655352 Fixed issue where recordings with many cameras keeps pausing during playback
3656123 Fixed issue where logs table fills up very quickly causing performance issues and crashing
3652883 Fixed issue where user received Operation Size Error while generating reports
3135781 Fixed issue where DB Failover causes fast fails
3656892 Fixed issue where event Participant Management SWF was missing
3674682 Fixed issue where application pauses causing fast-fails
3645692 Fixed issue where Add-in crashes as it tries to open a .swf file
3679591 Fixed issue where MP4 recordings lose its permissions after moving the MP4 recordings to Content Library
3660669 Fixed issue where Course “By Users” report is incomplete / inconsistent when compared to the summary report
3568576 Fixed issue where it was required to provide meaningful error message in Connect UI in case of job failures for MP4 conversion of recordings
3662269 Fixed issue where chargeback functionality was available to and usable by unauthenticated users
3640642 Fixed issue where no progress indicator or swirly was being shown on reconnect dialog
3659672 Fixed issue where test connection swf was not reporting FMS server failure correctly
3645737 Fixed issue where users are unable to login on connect web app after C9-9.2 migration
3678349 Fixed issue where Webapp is unable to launch add-in
3330017 Fixed issue where users needed the recording play-bar should to show a time tooltip on hovering over it
3650997 Fixed issue where users could enter the event even if that event was scheduled for the future
3651074 Fixed issue where denied user is able to login to an ongoing meeting
3651080 Fixed issue where a denied user is able to login to an ongoing Virtual Classroom"
3649575 Fixed issue where the report for Virtual Classroom doesn't contain list of courses that are shared in that VC
3647965 Fixed issue where on OSX 10.9/osx 10.8.5 the Add-in crashes as one clicks on screen share
3671369 Fixed issue where "Enable Meeting Hosts to enforce passcode for room access" setting worked only intermittently
3645602 Fixed issue where accessing training resulted in infinite loop querying DB
3615642 Fixed issue where Adobe connect Telephony service did not start if the time zone was equal to or greater than +09:30 GMT
3676592 Fixed issue where customer is not able to pull up curriculum reports from the Reports section
3654352 Fixed issue where using APIs, it was possible to assign more 60 characters to a url for a meeting
3659689 Fixed issue where AS3 test connection swf did not stop after failure
3632609 Fixed issue where CGI scripts needed to be updated in order to handle the addin installation from win 8.1
3659769 Fixed issue where clicking on "Relogin" on Join event page re-loads the same page
3653244 Fixed issue where connect installer exits if minimum system requirement are not met
3593687 Fixed issue where content was not getting deleted from local cache when deleted from Connect
3354567 CPS sendMail methods should always use our system address as the sender in the SMTP envelope from
3630932 Fixed issue where CQ / Event Logging showing ACP password in the clear
3685355 Fixed issue where CQ installation contains extra/not required logging in installer logs
3658113 Fixed issue where creating new users in Connect did not work
3632910 Fixed issue where direct access of Connect web pages by using feature IDs needed to be prohibited
3582414 Fixed issue where On-premise option was needed to increase dial-out timeout
3649181 Fixed issue where entering the wrong email address during login resulted in Request Not Processed
3656609 Fixed issue where connect omniture reporting is marked expired when user tries accessing the reports and deployment is going on at omniture side
3630679 Fixed issue where the API to enable Omniture Integration does not have any permission checks
3695982 Fixed issue where clicking on View Event Template button while creating a new Event resulted in an error page
3656344 Fixed issue where if required Flash Player is not installed then some of the SWFs showed broken image instead of download Flash Player message
3508529 Fixed issue where if you put special characters in the customized text then the event variables doesn't get resolved and the text before special characters goes missing from attached calendar
3678214 Fixed issue where the “By Sessions” report did not show the correct start time for participants if the room is put on hold
3664249 Fixed issue where connection speed test keeps on running if the FMS is not available.
3641947 Fixed issue where Font colour is not honoured on page where user submits new password from password reset workflow
3142100 Fixed issue where PPU reporting will not run If the meeting room experiences a fast fail,
3651751 Fixed issue where after upgrade to Connect 9.1.1, seminar hosts who are not members of the administrator group cannot make seminar room recordings offline.
2975023 Fixed issue where meeting relaunch is falsely interpreted as a failover
3689827 Fixed issue where Poll pod name is reset to "Poll" after migration.
3604427 Fixed issue where moving courses from one curriculum resources folder to another throws error
3286522 Fixed issue where it was required for License installer to set the DOMAIN_COOKIE value in custom.ini.
3675771 Fixed issue where on seeking to any point forward in a recording with Camera/Screen Share feeds in it, seekbar doesn't move anymore though video continues to play but shows incorrect feed at that time.
3649128 Fixed issue where Password rule was not showing correctly in hints on event registration page and also it was not showing proper error message.
d3657076 Fixed issue where Publishing event pop-up opened up Connect Home Page
3649568 Fixed issue where Report for Curriculum is empty
3667601 Fixed issue where reset Password link was unable to set new password
3580963 Fixed issue where Meeting is not launching in add-in and browser from safari with FP 11.7 / 11.8
3660236 Fixed issue where email address is required even when login policy is set to 'no'.
3649216 Fixed issue where columns in the Event reports are miss matched.- Campaign Tracking ID and Campaign Alias shows up in the downloaded event campaign tracking disabled summary report
3696175 Fixed issue where the result cannot be displayed on the search result page when searching by titles and descriptions
3661520 Fixed issue where users were unable to perform fresh installation and migration of CQ
3652609 Fixed issue where users were unable to share pdf/ppt/pptx during meeting
3689838 Fixed issue where uploaded files shown with their URL in place of their name
3682136 Fixed issue where user is not able to change the associated content of a shared event
3668337 Fixed issue where users having only "Event Manager" group permission were not able to create a new event
3574587 Users did not get "Dial In selected" notifier in telephony only meeting with no UV
3655331 Fixed issue where when entering a password that does not comply with the password policy, Not Authorized message is thrown
3670019 Fixed issue where on uploading a PPTX file in share pod leads to Connect addin becoming non-responsive on Win XP
3697089 Fixed issue where Google Chrome PPAPI is enable, user cannot share his screen using the Connect add-in on windows
3653296 6 of the 9 emails in events are not being sent as a Result of changes in HTML Email changes
3651068 Fixed issue where focus is lost when user try to stop recording using "Ctrl+,"
3650970 Fixed issue where seminar calendar showing wrong data when the time zone is changed
3651077 Fixed issue where denied user is able to login to an ongoing Seminar / Event
3646985 Fixed issue where after sharing Desktop, focus is stuck on Full screen button
3597595 Fixed issue where adding a user group to another group encounters operation-size-error
3688837 Fixed issue where users were thrown Operation Size Error when the tried accessing reporting "by user"
3658922 Fixed issue where Compliance and control setting is not available under administration when user only have seminar feature.
3582448 Fixed issue where Chat pod contents disappeared for one user in the meeting
2838887 Fixed issue where Audio Setup Wizard used the terminology "if you do not hear the voice greeting…" even though the voice has been replaced with music
3631001 Fixed issue where recording playback freezes on manually seeking
3634828 Escalation: Connections Academy: Error uploading license file
3642024 Fixed issue where exception was thrown when launching Connect meeting URL from mobile web browsers
3654144 Fixed issue where there were problem in upgrading CQ from version to 9.1.1 version on drive other than C drive
3630883 Fixed issue where screen shares running in full desktop mode were being truncated
3580997 Fixed issue where installation failed if user insert a blank space in front of the installation path or behind it

Known Issues

Issue Tracking Number Issue Description
3633698 Some users get out of sync and receive reduced FPS when there is spiking load at server like adding new stream when FMS used at AWS
3638978 It takes 7 sec to publish a stream on FMS server for the first time when server used at AWS
3658961 Some of pods takes lot of time to execute server events causing high CPU utilization at client side resulting in meeting hang
3675117 User experience very high download time during user entry to download meeting related content leading to high entry time
3677498 No audio in the converted MP4 using 9.2 addin
3627157 The response of the first question in the courses derived out of the Captivate content , when shared in the virtual class room, is not getting properly reported and displayed
3670111 On unsuccessful dial-out attempt from a breakout room, user is brought back to the main meeting room
3672117 "Send Message To..." is not working correctly for participants with enhanced Q&A Pod rights. Private messages are being sent to all
3678496 Addin asks users to enable accessibility for ‘adobeconnectaddin’ even though it is already enabled
3678540 After FMS failover, poll answers given in the meeting before the failover are not restored every time
3683432 Wrong Error message - Custom URLs support only 58 characters
3687700 Blank error message pops up when uninstall the running Connect Add-in
3687704 Strings are not translated when installing Connect Add-in again while it is running
3688925 If state/progress of a MP4 conversion job does not changes for a long time (say 24 hrs) then that job should be marked as failed
3692792 Additional content added if MP4 recording is shared and recorded in a meeting
3693705 In Japanese, the string "Question" comes truncated in Poll pod for Windows only
3694730 In case of Licensed server with external DB, the seminar room hangs when trying to new instant session
3696670 Request Not Processed page displayed if an existing event custom URL is provide in the search custom URL page
3674472 If broadcast is not ON in a meeting with PGI NA profile associated with it, in case of unsuccessful dial out audio conference stops if there are no other users in that meeting
3675614 Login screen for meeting with guest entry blocked shows guest entry blocked message on the top
3675875 Wrong error message displayed when trying to give permissions to several thousand users
3686392 Built-in Administrator account + IE11: Redundant blank page pops up when displaying course in Training Catalog
3695549 MP4 conversion gets stuck when editing a section having one of the stream which was disconnected while recording
3696038 Some strings are missing on the About Adobe Connect window in Russian locale
3696359 In case of migration, log4j.xml has wrong file name for heath check logs

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