Known issues and limitations in Dreamweaver CC 2015

Device Preview

  • Occasionally, scrolling on iPad (iOS 8) doesn't work.

Workaround: Tap the screen and then scroll the page.

  • You cannot preview a web page in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 machines.

Workaround: Use another browser to preview the web page. 

  • On Mac OS, if the firewall is configured to block incoming connections, you will see a message when you open the Device Preview pop-up in Dreamweaver.

Workaround: Turn off the firewall settings and restart Dreamweaver.

  • Occasionally, when you scroll a web page in Dreamweaver while inspecting or selecting elements, the preview in iOS devices goes blank. 

Workaround: Scroll the page a bit on the device for the page to refresh or select a different element on the page in Dreamweaver.

  • If your devices are disconnected from the Internet while you are previewing a web page, no error message is displayed. If you notice that changes to the web page are not reflected in the preview, refresh your device browser and check if the devices are connected.
  • Pages containing certain external JS frameworks can sometimes interfere in rendering of web pages on devices.
  • On Windows mobile devices, the web page doesn't scroll automatically when you inspect or select elements.
  • Synchronous scrolling is not supported on iOS.
  • On devices, video files in web pages cannot be previewed in Chrome.

Code view improvements

  • Emmet abbreviations for Class, ID, or hex color within a style tag do not get expanded in Code view.

Site management

  • On Mac OS, if you are using the Keychain Access utility and the keychains corresponding to the testing and remote server credentials are corrupted, you will get a connection error while trying to connect to the servers.
Click here for details about the workaround.


  • Dreamweaver takes a little longer to open a large or a complex PSD in the Extract panel. During this time, Dreamweaver may appear to have become unresponsive, but the file is opened successfully after a while.

CSS Designer

  • Overridden properties are not shown in CSS Designer. 

Workaround: Hover your mouse over the values.

  • Setting any property as !important from the CSS Designer panel generates incorrect code in Code view.
  • Go To Code option is disabled for Selectors in remote files.
  • You cannot undo the duplication of a Selector in CSS Designer.

Live view improvements

  • In Live view, when you resize a column or a row in a table, the overall dimension of the table is altered.
  • While traversing cells of a table in Live view, the Property Inspector does not display the row-related properties.
  • When you undo the merging of table cells in Live view, you exit the table layout editing mode.


  • Flash-based extensions (panels or CSXS) no longer work in Dreamweaver CC 2015.
  • Due to changes in the W3C validation service, W3C Validator in Dreamweaver displays a message indicating that the service has been deprecated and you can access the validation service through a direct URL.