FTP credentials are not remembered | Mac

Perform the following steps:

  1. Quit Dreamweaver.

  2. In Spotlight, type "Keychain." Locate the "Keychain Access" application and launch it.

  3. Keychain Access lists the Keychain items. In the "Name" column, locate the item that has the name of the site you are trying to troubleshoot in Dreamweaver.

    For example, "SiteName-SiteServer 0". The corresponding entry in the "Kind" column reads "application password."

  4. Click the item to select it. The properties of the Keychain item appear at the top of the Keychain Access window. As a double check, ensure that the value shown for "Account" is the FTP user name. If it's not, then you may have selected the wrong item.

  5. After ensuring that you have selected the right Keychain item, press the Delete key to remove the item. Leave the application open for now.

  6. Launch Dreamweaver and go to the "Manage Sites" dialog box (Site > Manage Sites). Select the site that you are trying to troubleshoot and click the edit icon.

  7. Click Servers on the left and double-click the server name in the list to edit it.

  8. Enter the FTP user name and password, and then click Save to close the Edit Server box. Click Save again to close the Edit Site box.

    In Keychain Access, a new Keychain item is created with the same name as the one you deleted earlier.

  9. Quit Keychain Access and Dreamweaver.

  10. Restart Dreamweaver and check if the FTP credentials are retained.

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