Known issues | Dreamweaver 13.1, 13.2

Can't find a feature that you were using in an earlier Dreamweaver version? Check this article to see if the feature or option has been removed as part of the effort to modernize the Dreamweaver user interface.

  • On Mac OS, when you uninstall Dreamweaver after upgrading to 13.1, the Adobe Dreamweaver CC folder in the Applications folder isn't deleted.
  • On Mac OS, rich-media content (SWF files, FLV files) are not rendered in Live View. Use a web browser to preview the web page with SWF files or FLV files.
  • When you search for a CSS Selector in the CSS Designer panel, the search term doesn't clear automatically when you click the design or document. You can use "x" in the search box to clear the search term.
  • On Mac OS, if the product installation folder name contains Japanese characters (specifically 5C characters), Dreamweaver becomes highly unstable when you use CSS Designer.
  • Shorthand representation of background property is always expanded if the properties are edited using CSS Designer panel.
  • Gradient property is not shown as set in Computed mode (only) if W3C format is not at the end of the gradient block of code. For more information, see this article.
  • Dreamweaver does not apply margin, padding, border radius, and position properties (top, left, and right) if the value is retained as default (0px). However, if you change the default value to another value, and then change it back to 0px, Dreamweaver applies the value successfully.
  • On Mac, if a folder in any volume has the same name as the volume:
    • You cannot open the related files of a Dreamweaver site.
    • The Welcome screen of Dreamweaver does not load.