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Asset sources for Aero

  1. Adobe Aero User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What is Adobe Aero
    2. Adobe Aero mobile (iOS) system requirements
    3. What is Augmented Reality
    4. Common AR terminologies
    5. Adobe Aero | Common questions
    6. Get started with the user interface
    7. In-app learning resources in Adobe Aero
    8. Using mobile gestures in Adobe Aero
    9. Key 3D modeling concepts
    10. What's new in Adobe Aero
  3. Aero desktop
    1. What's new in Adobe Aero
    2. Adobe Aero desktop | Common questions
    3. Workspace Basics
    4. Keyboard shortcuts
    5. Import assets into Aero
    6. Adobe Aero desktop system requirements
    7. Supported file formats
    8. Work with cloud documents
  4. Aero Player (Beta) on Android
    1. Discover Augmented Reality content in Aero Player (Beta)
    2. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android | Common questions
    3. Adobe Aero (Beta) on Android System requirements
  5. Make your digital assets ready for AR
    1. Asset sources for Aero
    2. Prepare Photoshop assets for Aero
    3. Prepare Illustrator assets for Aero
    4. Prepare Dimension assets for Aero
    5. Optimizing Assets for AR
  6. Import AR-ready assets
    1. Import assets into Aero
    2. Import Mixamo assets into Aero
    3. Supported file formats
    4. Import FBX files into Aero
  7. Design AR experiences
    1. Add audio to digital assets in Adobe Aero
    2. Scan a space and set a surface anchor
    3. Place digital assets and edit the scene
    4. Add interactivity to digital assets
    5. Set an Image Anchor
    6. Add animated assets in Adobe Aero
    7. Create animations using Directable characters
  8. Export and share
    1. Share your AR creations
    2. Viewing Aero Experiences FAQ
    3. Collaborate with others on Adobe Aero documents
    4. View AR creations
  9. Cloud documents and storage
    1. Work with cloud documents
    2. Upgrade storage for Adobe Aero
  10. Examples, ideas, and inspirations
    1. Design an AR experience using starter assets

Learn how to source digital assets that can be imported into Adobe Aero.

You can use flat images, layered files or 3D models to create an AR experience. 3D content can be created in modeling applications and come in a variety of forms and formats. You can create your own 3D content, get the content from colleagues or clients, or purchase from a an online marketplace that sells already-made 3D models. Many of these websites have free content that can get you started. 

Starter assets

Aero starter assets

Aero comes loaded with a library of useful assets which you can use in your AR creations. In the Edit mode, tap + > Starter Assets and then navigate through various available categories to select the asset you would like to use in your AR creation.

Other asset sources

A screenshot of Adobe Dimension app

Adobe Dimension ships with dozens of 3D models available in the Assets panel. These models are royalty-free and can be used for commercial projects. To learn more about Dimension assets for Aero, see Prepare Dimension assets for Aero.

This is a representative image for Stock assets

Adobe Stock has a collection of 3D models, lights and materials. Browse this growing collection of high-quality models, curated for appearance, quality, and optimized for use. You can save the Stock content and import it into Aero. Browse 3D content on Adobe Stock

representative image for apps

Additionally, Aero can import assets from other applications and sources. You can use File Provider on iOS devices to navigate to a range of sources. Camera Roll is another convenient way to import images into Aero. Be sure to refer supported file formats.

This image is picture of Photoshop & Illustrator icons

Along with 2D assets, you can use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create your own 3D graphics by extruding text and vectors into 3D shapes and exporting for use. View a tutorial for creating models in Photoshop.

What's next?

Now you know where to get your assets. Next, learn how to prepare 3D assets for Aero. Additionally, learn about preparing Dimension, Photoshop, and Illustrator assets for Aero. 

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Aero Community

Don’t forget to showcase your work on Behance and seek inspiration from others' work as well.

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