Learn what's new in the latest release of Bridge.

Top new features

June 2019 release (version 9.1)

User Interface enhancements in Bridge 9.1

User Interface updates

Experience enhancements in the appearance of menu bar, labels, and ratings. Use the Image Backdrop slider to adjust background contrast.

Bridge now supports working in proxy environments

Proxy server support

Work with services like Creative Cloud Library, Adobe Stock, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Stock Contributor in proxy environments.

See a list of fixed issues in Bridge with this release

Fixed issues

Find fixes to issues around stacks, and the PDF output color issue.

Work with transparent .ai and .eps files on Bridge

Transparency support

See checkerboard thumbnails and previews for transparent  .AI and .EPS files.

Work with Dimension documents on Bridge

Support for new file format

Work with Dimension documents (.dn) on Bridge.

Previous releases of Bridge

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